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Music of Erik Silfverberg
as suggested by Anders Farjsjo

Track TitleArtistConductorComposerYearCatalogue
Selection - A Singing Heart Melbourne Salvation Army Staff Band Colin Woods Erik Silfverberg 1975  
Jesus, The Name High Over All The Congress Chorus Erik Silfverberg Words; Charles Wesley,
Tune; Erik Silfverberg
1978 BAB3520
March - Vanguard Stockholm 7 Salvation Army Band Erland Beijer Erik Silfverberg 1960 LP101
March - Chile Adelaide Congress Hall Band Hartley Aberg Silfverberg 1971 SA235
A Norwegian Suite Adelaide Congress Hall Band Hartley Aberg Silfverberg 1971 SA235
Lift up the Banner Band of the Salvation Army National School of Music Lt. Col. Norman Bearcroft Erik Silfverberg 1988 SPS065
Suite - The World for God Norwood Citadel Band Harry Matear Silfverberg 1970 NLP043
March - Down the Street Boscombe Citadel Band Geoff Otter ARCM Erik Silfverberg 1985 PRA52
Transcription - The Beautiful City Tottenham Citadel Band James Williams Silfverberg   ERZ8254
Joy in my Soul Sunderland Monkwearmouth Citadel Songsters Peter Laing Words; A L Silfverberg, Music; E Silfverberg 1987 SPS054
Song Arrangement - Lift Up The Banner Portsmouth Citadel Band Harold Nobes Erik Silfverberg 1975 SA5
Vocal - Jesus, the Name High Over All Amsterdam Staff Band Male Chorus Brigadier C. Nieuwland E. Silfverberg arr. D. Catherwood 1986 6818721
Little Lord Jesus International Staff Songsters - Soloist - Kevin Ashman Trad. arr. Erik Silfverberg 1991 WSTC9719
Cornet Duet - The Happy Warriors International Staff Band – Soloists - Stephen Cobb & Eric Tebbett Lt. Col. Ray Bowes Erik Silfverberg 1980 BAB3523
March - Young Campaigners Edinburgh Division United YP Band YP Band Leader Melvin Hawkins Erik Silverberg 1978 SPS001
March - Loyal Forever Kilbirnie YP Band YP Band Leader James McIvor Erik Silfverberg 1978 SPS001
Suite - Glory to His Name London (Ontario) Citadel Band Bramwell Gregson Erik Silfverberg 1983 SALCB7
March - Salvationisten (The Salvationist) Stockholm Temple Band Tomas Engholm Erik Silfverberg 1983 FLP132
Spiritual - Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen London (Ontario) Citadel Band Bramwell Gregson arr. Silfverberg 1974 SALCB2
Selection - The Promises of God New York Staff Band Derek Smith Erik Silfverberg 1982 TRLPS37
Jesus, the Name High Over All Melbourne Staff Band Male Chorus Laurence Clarke Verses; Charles Wesley, Tune; Erik Silfverberg arr. David Catherwood    
De wereld voor God De verenigde muziekkorpsen Erik Silfverberg Erik Silfverberg 1982 6814738
March - Erfuellt die Welt mit Musik (Fill the World with Music) Zurich Central Salvation Army Band Daniel Steck Erik Silfverberg 1973 AS514
March - I Will Fight Copenhagen Youth Band - Denmark Erik Sikverberg Erik Silfverberg 1978 BAB3515