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Music of Albert Orsborn
as suggested by Lorne Pritchett

Track TitleArtistConductorComposerYearCatalogue
Congregational Song - God is with us Various Salvation Army Musicians and Congregation   Words; A.E. Orsborn, Tune; 'Austria' 1978 BAB3521
My Life Must Be Christ's Broken Bread Various Salvation Army Musicians and Congregation   Words; A.E. Orsborn, Tune; 'Spohr' 1978 BAB3521
Humbly I Wait Hartford CT Citadel Songsters Major Lloyd Scott Words: Albert Orsborn, Music: R Steadman-Allen 1973 TRLPS16
The Well is Deep International Staff Songsters Norman Bearcroft Words; A. Orsborn, Music; H. Woods & G. Kahn arr. R. Steadman-Allen 1993 SPS034
Once on a Day Auckland Congress Hall Songsters   Albert Orsborn/Herbert Rive 1983 SA002
Vocal - Sacred Hands of Jesus Christchurch City, Newton, Wellington City & Wellington South Citadels Songster Brigades Ray Atherfold Albert Orsborn, Eric Ball 1962 PR243
I Know Thee Who Thou Art The Sydney Salvation Singers Russel Belt Orsborn, Tune. 'Brantwood' arr. Steadman-Allen 1978 KRA100
In the Secret of Thy Presence Festival Chorus and Canadian Staff Band Major Norman Bearcroft & Territorial B/Master Leonard Ballantine Words; Albert Orsborn; Music; Eric Ball 1975 FGS1175
When Shall I Come Major Bruce Robertson   Albert Orsborn   HRS1146
The Witnesses Centenary Chorus Major Dean Goffin Words; A. Orsborn, Music; Eric Ball 1965 SLRZ4011
Address - Shepherd, Hear My Prayer! General A. Orsborn C.B.E. with Harlesden Songsters and organ accompaniment Sen. Maj. F. Grant Words, Gen Orsborn; Music, Senior Major Rance 1958 MF338
Torchbearers Birmingham Citadel Songster Brigade Alfred J Crowhurst Words; Albert Orsborn, Music; Eric Ball 1981 SPS013
The Awakeners Festival Chorus, Organ & Canadian Staff Band Major Robert Redhead Words; Albert Orsborn, Music; Eric Ball 1983 FGS1183
Song - The Christ, O Come and Adore International Staff Songsters Lt. Col. Norman Bearcroft Words; Albert Orsborn, Music; Ray Steadman-Allen 1990 SPS075
Great and Glorious Festival Chorus - Soloist - Joan Clothier Major Norman Bearcroft Orsborn/Dalziel 1971 GS1171
Shepherd, Hear My Prayer Frank Boggs Stephen Bulla Albert Orsborn/Ernest Rance, arr. Stephen Bulla 1985 CR001
Monologue Address - I Was There Pts 1 & 2 General Orsborn, C.B.E.     1947 MF316
Not Unto Us, O Lord Festival Chorus & Canadian Staff Band Capt Robert Redhead Orsborn/Skinner 1982 FGS1182
The Calvary Track Festival Male Chorus Major N Bearcroft/Capt T Davis Albert Orsborn arr. Norman Bearcroft 1977 BAB3509
Once on a Day Wellington Citadel Songsters - Soloist - Ngaire Atherford Ray Atherford Words; General Albert Orsborn, Music; Herbert Rive 1976 SS9006
Vocal Solo - Jesus of Nazareth Manchester Citadel Songsters Frank Crowhurst Orsborn/Sullivan 1982 SPS020
The Charm Of The Cross International Staff Songsters Major Norman Bearcroft Words: Albert Orsborn, Irish Melody 1981 SPS015
I Have No Claim On Grace International Staff Songsters - Soloist - Susan Turner Lt. Col. Norman Bearcroft Words; Albert Orsborn, Tune; "Chalvey" 1986 SPS049
Luister naar 't alarmsignaal Het Congreskoor met begeleiding van het Stafmuziekkorps Brigadier C. Nieuwland A. Orsborn/H. Smallegange/E. Ball 1981 6840137
Nooit meer De nationale popgroep "Grace" Majoor Maurice Cooper A. Orsborn/W. Kitching/L. Nijman 1977 6410137