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Willi Erzberger's Castaway Tracks

Willi's Comment
I have selected some of my favourite music which I very much liked to listen to as a young boy on my officerparents' gramophone.
Later I played most of this music with the Zurich Central Hall Band where I served many years as Deputy Bandmaster and Principal Solo Cornetist (now 2 Cornet).

1 MF344 - March - Comradeship - International Staff Band

2 Meditation - Light of The World - Zurich Central Band

3 The Penitent - International Staff Band

4 MF321 - Swedish Festival March - 1948 - International Staff Band

5 MF343 - Suite - Portraits from St Paul's Epistles - 1950 - International Staff Band

6 Lord of the Sea - 3 Movements - International Staff Band

7 MF274/MF275 - Suite - Songs of the Morning - 1938 - International Staff Band

8 MF369 - March - Exultation - 1953 - International Staff Band