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Ted Venables' Castaway Tracks

Ted's Comment
Here is my list. I set a parameter for myself that only allowed music that was written or performed by someone I know personally.
The last piece was composed by Robert Venebles, my son.

1 Heavenly Gales - MF350 - Derek Smith

2 Brass Quartet - Jewels - MF405 - J.Williams, D.Diffey, P.Marley & W.Martin of Tottenham Citadel Band

3 Nicea - OCB9501 - Ottawa Citadel Band

4 Cornet Solo - Songs in the Heart - TRLPS36 - Philip Smith with the New York Staff Band

5 Flugel Horn Solo - So Glad - SALCB7 - Deputy Bandmaster Ron Gilbert with the London (Ontario) Citadel Band

6 The General - FGS1180 - Canadian Staff Band