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Stephan Ruysink's Castaway Tracks

Stephan's Comment
I have put together my castaways list!
First of all it's almost impossible to choose from 1000s of band pieces and songs so I picked 8 that came straight up but it could easy be 80 instead of 8 and I tried not to pick too much of the same pieces as my fellow "Castaways".

1 March - Flag of Freedom - International and New York Staff Bands - BAB3521
This just a fine enjoyably march written by Bramwell Coles .. you can whistle it all day long!

2 Vocal Solo - I Have Not Much to Give Thee Lord - Jacqui Proctor - BAB3521
All through my personal view on God/Christianity and the has changed in my 42 years here on this planet. This song moves me every time I hear it.

3 Happy Song - United Chorus with the International Staff Band - SLRZ4010
Just goose bumps every time I hear it .. the singing of the Amsterdam Staff Band, the Tranas Band, and finally the Congo Leopoldville Central Band that literally put the Spirit or to use the old expression "Fire" in the Royal Albert Hall, for me this is pure!

4 The Victory of Love - The Tottenham Citadel Band - MF416
I always enjoyed playing this meditation as solo horn player and the words to this song "Love Stands the Test" are familiar and well loved.

5 Challenge & Response - Box Hill Citadel Band - SXLP50012
A much underestimated music piece and rarely heard by Eric Ball .... but it's for sure in my top 10 of brass band works.

6 Song Arrangement - Wonderful Jesus - Wellington South Citadel Band - FSRS1313
Instead of larger work from Dean Goffin a simple but effective arrangement since his arrangement "The Message of Love" never has been recorded this will do just fine.

7 Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals - Derek Smith - LLR531
When I first heard this solo I was thrilled by it. I have heard many recordings of it but this one by Derek Smith with the NYSB is just the most complete and finest there is; his sound, technique, tempo, just GREAT even after almost 50 year still very good to listen too. (even better in stereo).

8 Calm Pastures - International Staff Songsters - SPS025
For many years my father Dolf Ruysink was Bandmaster of the Zutphen Band (1963-1993) and acting Songster Leader of the Zutphen Songsters in Holland (there is an LP record here on the website), he was member of the Dutch National Band (1st cornet , soprano, and (principal) solo cornet player) (1955-1960) a founding member of the Amsterdam Staff Band and their first principle cornet player from 1961-1965, and from 1984 till 1988 he was the conductor of the National Songsters (now the Amsterdam Staff songsters). After a short illness he died in summer of 1993 at 55 years old. The last words he spoke before he was "promoted to glory" were "Calm Pastures", and so this is a tribute to him. I can honestly say he was a true Salvationist and a "Kings Musician".