A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Steef Klepke's Castaway Tracks

Steef's Comments
Hard to tell why exactly these pieces means a lot to me. These are also just eight of many more, but I would like to take these with me anyway. The playing of all of them is of real significance, and in most cases also heart touching and soul moving. I guess that is the most important of Salvation Army music, and this renditions does it all!

1 Songs in Exile (Eric Ball) - Canadian Staff Band, Sound of Britain

2 Three Spirituals (Norman Bearcroft) – Canadian Staff Band – The Gospel Train

3 Tylney Hall (Dean Goffin) Canadian Staff Band – Golden Slippers

4 A Sunbeam (Philip Catelinet) – Canadian Staff Band – Tour of Australia and New Zealand

5 The Wonder of His Grace (arr Ivor Bosanko) – Cornet Solo – Canadian Staff Band – Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Soloist Deryck Diffey

6 Hope Variations (Brian Bowen) – Enfield Citadel Band – Quintessence

7 Tucker (Erik Leidzén) – Enfield Citadel Band, My Strength My Tower, Soloist Richard Martin

8 Home on the Range (Erik Leidzén), Kettering Citadel Band - Celebration, Euphonium Solo by Trevor Groom