A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Roy Harris' Castaway Tracks

Roy's Comment
I am an ex Army bandsman who has not played for about 40 years. I still go to the Army now and again but not as often as I should. Having said this I STILL enjoy listening to the Army music. As they say, you can take the man away from the Army but you cannot take the Army away from the man. It has taken me many attempts to get this list up together with such choice and three of the items are in memory of my dear father who was "Promoted to Glory" in 2005. He was Welcome Seargent at our local Corps for over 25 years.
I hope you enjoy my list.
1 King of Kings - LP6 - New York Staff Band
I can remermber playing this when I was a 16 year old at home at 4.30 evry morning while getting ready for work (I think my parents got to like it)

2 In Perfect Peace - OCB9501 - Ottawa Citadel Band
When I played in the band we did a tour to Holland and one visit we had was to the Town Hall in Hilversome. During our visit there was a civil wedding and as a band we sang this to the couple.

3 Light of the World - MF345 - International Staff Band
This is one for my Dad. During WW2 my father was fighting on the beaches of Dunkirk. He was one of the last to get rescued. One of his mates saw him on his knees in the water and asked him what he was doing. My father replied that he was praying saying to God that if he survived he would serve him to the end. You will here the tune "O Jesus, I have Promised to Serve Thee to the end" which my father did.

4 Adeste Fideles MF386 - Massed Bands - Cambridge Heath & Tottenham Citadel Bands
To me this is one of the best arrangements of a Christmas Carol.

5 I'm in His Hands - BAB3520 - The Congress Chorus
Just before my father was "Promoted to Glory" one of the last words he said was the verse of this song.

6 I Know Thee Who Thou Art - CSLP1011 - Palmerston North Citadel Songsters - Soloist - Winston Hoare
When it was my parents 49th wedding anniversary the family paid for them to go to Dunkirk as it was a wish of my father to revisit France after serving in Dunkirk and D Day + 1 landing. While on a visit to Dunkirk he saw his name written on a MEMORIAL wall of the names missing.
The last two lines of this song read "The Courts of God, that city fair and find my name is written there."
I know that when both my parents met God both their names were written there.

7 March - Praise - FSRC1351 - Hendon Salvation Army Band
I had the pleasure of playing this under the composer Wifred Heaton.

8 Army of the Brave - ZLP681 - Detroit Citadel Band
It is such a good old Army classic.