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Roger McBride's Castaway Tracks

Roger's Comment
Hi my name is Roger McBride. I’m a New Zealander and I’m presently on a figurative desert island (I’m in Ulsan Korea, working as an English teacher). I have to say, this site is a Godsend for the likes of me. I attend a small interdenominational English service every Sunday but I miss the sights and sound of the Army band. I have chosen these musical selections because they are an encouragement and a help to me. (if I could have had nine the ninth would be Transcription - Movement I, The Unfinished Symphony Cambridge Citadel Silver Band Robert Getz Schubert, arr. George Marshall TRLPS19 because it was the first piece of classical music I can recall ever hearing. It was played by the Palmerston North Band under Syd York).

1 Festival March - Celebration - Kettering Citadel Band - BAB3510
I chose Number this piece because I like the way the Kettering Band play the march and I can vaguely recall playing it at some time or other.

2 Tone Poem: The Present Age - International Staff Band - SAC5068
This piece challenges me with the words “To serve the present age, My calling to fulfill, O may it all my powers engage To do my Master’s will".

3 Rhapsodic Variations - My Strength, My Tower - Wellington Citadel Band - SAC5068
The Wellington City Band was probably the best band in New Zealand at the time and Bert Neeve was a pretty sharp conductor. I remember when the band played Resurgam at one congress I went to. I later moved to Dunedin and played in the Dunedin Fortress band. Some times Bert Neeve came to band practice and the bandmaster allowed him some time to conduct the band.

4 Themes from Italian Symphony, Opus 30 - New York Staff Band & Male Chorus - LP7
I saw Dean Goffin conduct a visiting Australian band in this piece at the beginning of a service in Palmerston North Corps. He had them working really hard.

5 Songs in Exile - Tottenham Citadel Band - LRZ4003
I feel like this piece reflects me in a way. I remember it chiefly because of the flugelhorn solo near the end. The Palmerston North band played this once and I remember it because my best friend’s father played the flugelhorn and his distinctive way of playing is like a recurring memory.

6 Trombone Solo - The Eternal Quest - Soloist Ian Hankey with the International Staff Band - SLRZ4015
This is another piece that stirs my heart, because it describes the struggle we sometimes face, the battle between doing the will of God or doing what we want to do. The words of Ruth Tracy, “Send out Thy light and Thy truth, Lord” are words I associate with this piece.

7 Vocal Solo - I'm In His Hands - Lawrence Mallyon (Bass-Baritone) & Ladies - LRZ4002
This is a statement, a testimony and my prayer for my future in this place. Whate’er the future holds I’m in his hands.

8 The Witnesses - The Centenary Chorus - SLRZ4011
Having been taught the challenge of missions, which is of reaching all the world for Christ this last piece for me is the challenge for all of us. To be Witnesses for Jesus.