A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Morvyn Finch's Castaway Tracks

1 March - Victors Acclaimed - MF311 - Rosehill Band Assurance Society
Best recording I heard of this march was by the ISB on a CD called ‘Windows Of The World’, an absolute cracking performance.

2 Tuba Solo - Celestial Morn - Leslie Condon - LRZ4002 - An Evening At The Citadel
One of the best Solos ever written for Tuba and having the composer himself perform under the legendary baton of Col Adams. You are near perfection.

3 Meditation - SXLP50015 - The Light of the World - The International Staff Band
This was the first recording I ever heard of this title. It just goes to prove that Dean Goffin was nearly unbeatable when it came to writing timeless meditations and this is one of the best ones in the Army repertoire.

4 Festival Arrangement - The Call of the Righteous - SLRZ4015 - International Staff Band - The 75th Anniversary of the International Staff Band
A groundbreaking piece of music and full of colour and texture. Always sends a shiver down my spine listening to it!

5 Selection - Army Of The Brave - BAB3507 Soldier Of Christ - A Tribute to George Marshall- International Staff Band
Probably one of the first non-marches by Marshall I listened to but yet again a brilliant piece that has not lost it’s punch over the years!

6 March - Redcliffe - MF225 (G21797) -Massed Bands incl International Staff Band, Publishing & Supplies Band & Men's Social Headquarters Band
Just one of those classic marches it’s good to listen to!

7 Selection - Road to Emmaus - CB201 - Eine Kleine Musik - Camberwell Citadel Band
I heard this piece by accident and love the way Goffin uses the instruments to take us musically on the road. An essential listen during Easter.

8 March - Star Lake - SLRZ4005 - The International Staff Band
This was one of the first marches I ever played in the senior band in my home corps and scared me stiff (I was on bass drum at the time) and it has remained my No.1 favourite ever since. Want it played IN FULL at my funeral.