A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Martyn Paisey's Castaway Tracks

Martyn's Comment
This on the surface seems quite an easy task to pick your 8 favourite Salvation Army pieces, what a great idea. Where do you start? Just making a list of pieces was difficult enough but narrowing it down to 8?
I could ask the question where has it all gone? The open air services sharing the joy of faith, the marching back, with band playing and flags unfurled leading the people back to worship to share in that joy which the music celebrates.

1 Descriptive March - Salvation Army Patrol - Christchurch Citadel Band - LC45
This is my earliest memory of playing 2nd trombone in Ilford YP Band conducted by my father Pat Paisey.

2 March - Rejoice - TRLPS16 - Manchester CT YP Band
From Ilford we moved as a family to Salisbury and for me a change of instruments to cornet, with what must have been quite a painful process to listen to but with the practice to sit on the end of the YP Bands cornets was a joy. I remember mostly playing 2 marches; Gloryland and Rejoice.

3 Suite - Happiness and Harmony - SXLP50014 - The International Staff Band
Now for that ever present further practice and training, once a year to Tylney Hall, The Salvation Army School Of Music for a week of intensive instruction. We played the SUITE - HAPPINESS AND HARMONY by Terry Camsey. This is one of the few piece where the second cornet part is as difficult as the solo cornet part at least in timing in the 3rd movement. The best sessions were the massed bands under the baton of Major Leslie Condon who managed to not only pass on instruction but that all important joy in music, despite spending some time with the percussion on the next piece.

4 Festival Arrangement - The Call of the Righteous - SLRZ4015 - The International Staff Band
I enjoyed playing this under the tutorage of the composer Major Leslie Condon.

5 March - The Red Shield - FSRS1275 - Wellington Citadel Band
I was posted to Germany as bandsman with the British Army and that was a shock to the system. I had contact with the Red Shield who gave great support and help by their simple ministry hence my selection of this march. Here I had another change of instrument from cornet to BBb Bass, the instrument with which over the years I have had a great deal of fun.

6 Vocal - Captain and Lieutenant - NLP043 - Norwood Citadel Singers
Talking of fun going back to my time at Salisbury Citadel my friend David who sat No 2 but was probably the better cornet player we played "Captain and Lieutenant" a cornet duet but here sung by Norwood Citadel Singers in 1970 recorded live.

7 Christmas Joy March - LRZ4004 - The International Staff Band
When I came out of the army I played with various contesting bands which I enjoyed giving me another side to brass banding but one Christmas visiting my parents back in Salisbury I was asked to go carolling. So here I was sat outside Tescos supermarket playing Christmas Carols with a band I never thought I would play with again.

8 March - Mighty to Save - BAB3507 - Soldier Of Christ - A Tribute to George Marshall
Where to now? well as those that know me I am not a quiet person and will, therefore not be surprised that whilst there is a time and a place for quietness and solemnity I am a firm believer that there is joy in belief and that you should not be afraid to express it, or apologise for it and hence as William Booth stated "Why should the devil have all the best tunes" and why keep them to yourself. So to the last selection. This composer from his own adversity gave the Salvation Army some of its finest works and his marches make you as J.P. Sousa said "make you want to get up and march". This can only be George Marshall.