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Marilyn Mullinix Blanck's Castaway Tracks

1 March - "The Maple Leaf" Vancouver Temple Band - LPS1261 - Composer: B. Coles - Conductor: Clifton Gillingham

2 Prelude and Fugue on Darwall - LP4 - Netherlands National Band - Composer: Dean Goffin - Conductor: Bernard Verkaaik

3 Cornet Solo - Trumpet Concerto - LP7 - Derek Smith with the New York Staff Band - Composer: Haydn arr. Ray Allen - Conductor: Brigadier Richard E Holz

4 Suite - Lord of The Sea - LRZ4003 - Tottenham Citadel Band - Composer: Ray Steadman-Allen - Conductor: Ray Steadman-Allen

5 Our Stirring Faith - FS23252 - London Citadel (Canada) Citadel Band - Conductor: Bramwell Gregson

6 Cornet Solo - Tucker - LP6 - Derek Smith with the New York Staff Band - Composer: Erik Leidzén - Conductor: Major Richard E Holz

7 Flugel Horn Solo - So Glad - SALCB7 - Deputy Bandmaster Ron Gilbert with the London Citadel (Canada) Citadel Band - Composer: William Himes - Conductor: Bramwell Gregson

8 March - Montreal Citadel - CSB28211 - Canadian Staff Band Band - Composer: Norman Audiore - Conductor: Captain Robert Redhead