A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Jack Getz's Castaway Tracks

1 Festival Arrangement - The Call of the Righteous - SLRZ4015 - International Staff Band
Written by a man sometimes overlooked as one of the greats, but this perfectly crafted exciting piece belies anything of the sort. It stirs and reminds us of our blessed hope.

2 Canadian Folk Song Suite - CSB28211 - Canadian Staff Band
Just because it makes me happy when I hear it. It’s so well written too!

3 Festival March - Celebration - BAB3510 - Kettering Citadel Band
Back to Leslie Condon and his fertile craft that stirs one’s blood … and fire. My favorite march.

4 The Shadow of the Cross - CSB28513 - Canadian Staff Band
I played this as a young man in the corps band and it still moves me. Powerful imagery and timeless message of love.

5 March - Keep Singing - MF388 - International Staff Band
Happy, fun and full of wonderful memories of playing euphonium as a young man. It was my favorite march until Celebration bumped it down a spot.

6 Rhapsodic Variations - My Strength, My Tower - SAC5068 - Wellington Citadel Band
The first time I heard it was when Tottenham played it in Toronto in 1964. I was thunderstruck and wore out their album, never quite believing this piece was possible to write or play.

7 Meditation - My Comfort and Strength - SPS047 - Chalk Farm Citadel Band
This is the one piece I would go back into a burning building to save. The words are not what make it great, but the imagery and artistry that carry me to glory – creating goose bumps …. every time.

8 March - The Scarlet Jersey - LRZ4008 - International Staff Band
Not the greatest march ever written, but this one hit me between the eyes when it came out in 1965. It was so avant-garde then and it’s still fun and easy to listen to now.