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Ian Barton's Castaway Tracks

Ian's Comment
There are over 2300 tracks on this website so to limit a list of favourites to eight is almost impossible....... but that is the challenge of it. Perhaps I might put another eight under a non-de-plume!!! I could have easily included "King of Kings" and possibly any of at least a dozen other marches.

1 I Dedicate Myself to Thee - BAB3518 - The Festival Chorus
A wonderful stirring songster piece.

2 Air Varie - Go Down Moses - MF399 - Tottenham Citadel Band
I recall playing this piece as a very young bandsman on 2nd Cornet. It was the first Festival piece I had ever seen and at the time it seemed so difficult but we had a great Bandmaster who pushed us way beyond where we ever thought we could play.

3 Cornet Trio - What a Friend - MF346 - F.Hallam, W.Gilbert, C.Suckling with Kettering Citadel Band
This is one of the first Regal Zonophone recordings I can recall hearing back in the mid 1950's and it has stuck with me.

4 He Took My Place - TRLPS30 - Albert Avery with the New York Staff Band Male Chorus
Our Corps had a very good Male Voice Party so for me no collection would be complete without the remarkable voice of Albert Avery being accompanied by the New York Male Chorus.

5 Cornet Solo - Clear Skies - FGS1180 - Philip Smith with the the Canadian Staff Band
This was another Festival piece that was put in front of our band back many years ago. We had a very good female Cornet Solo player who did a tremendous job with this very difficult piece.

6 Light of the World - MF345 - International Staff Band
A superb Sunday evening piece our band played many times. Whilst it was not a technically difficult piece it is without doubt a piece that would feature on most Army bandsmen's favourite list.

7 Divine Communion - MF359 - International Staff Band
Once again another Sunday evening classic in the same vein as "Light of the World".

8 Dovercourt Citadel - MF369 - International Staff Band
The swelling start is great which then moves into the cornets working against the lower end of the bands. There are some great light and dark shades along with some great harmonic parts. A wonderful march. It's the sort of march that you enjoy either marching to or watching another band play "on the march".