A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Herman Haverkate's Castaway Tracks

Hermans' Comment
Sometimes it’s hard to understand why music touches one’s heart. This music touched me one way or the other.
It’s a pity some of the pieces are rarely heard these days.
I feel commenting further on it would perhaps distract people listening from the beauty of the melodies and their message. So here is my choice:

1 Selection - Deep Passage - LRZ4009 - New York Staff Band

2 Suite - Beyond Blue Horizons - TRLPS42 - Melbourne Staff Band

3 Song - That Beautiful Land - LRZ4002 - International Staff Band

4 Meditation - Wonderful Healer - FSRS1307 - Wellington Citadel Band

5 Trombone Solo - Lend Me Your Aid - LRZ4003 - Maisie Ringham with Tottenham Citadel Band

6 Cornet Solo - Life Abundant - CSB27909 - Deryck Diffey with the Canadian Staff Band

7 Daniel - FS1010 - Sydney Congress Hall Band

8 Rhapsody on American Gospel Songs - SA1 - Chicago Staff Band Staff Band