A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Edwin Outhuijse's Castaway Tracks

Edwin's Comment
Without beautiful God given music, written by gifted composers and arrangers and played by great bands with the right intentions I could not survive in my faith.
So here is my list of heartwarming and faith strengthening music.
1 Trombone Solo - The Word of Grace - FSRC1352 - Hendon Salvation Army Band - Soloist - Gordon Hill

2 Trombone Solo - He Gave Me Joy - CSB37808 - Canadian Staff Band - Soloist - Robert Merritt

3 Suite - Easter Glory - BAB3502 - International Staff Band

4 Reflections - SPS049 - International Staff Songsters

5 For Our Trasngressions - ECB1 - Enfield Citadel Band

6 Tone Poem - The Eternal Presence - KRCSLP1307 - Chalk Farm Citadel Band

7 Tone Poem - The Shadow of the Cross - SPS027 - International Staff Band

8 Festival Arrangement - Quintessence - Canadian Staff Band