A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Alwyn Green's Castaway Tracks

Ed's Comment
I can't begin to explain how frustrating it is to have to limit my choice to eight pieces. I suspect I speak for many when I say I could have compiled several equally wonderful lists. I'm sorry to have omitted Arthur Gullidge, Bram Coles, Thom Rive, Peter Graham, Will Himes, Bill Broughton, Steve Bulla, Michael Kenyon, Emil Soderstrom, Ken Downie, Barrie Gott and many more.

1 Lord of the Sea - Ray Steadman Allen
I watched Norwich Citadel Band rehearse and learn this when I was a YP band member. The quality of both the music and the orchestration made a dramatic impact on my musical development.

2 How great Thou art - arr. for male voices and brass quintet by Charles Skinner
In my opinion, this is the very best ever arrangement of this lovely song. If it isn't on record it jolly well should be!

3 None other Name - Erik Leidzén
Wonderful arrangements, beautifully scored and building continuously from quiet adoration to overwhelming joy and praise.

4 Take up Thy Cross and follow Me - Rita Green (Soprano) and Hanwell Songsters in RSA's arrangement
The soloist is my mother, who had a profound influence on my development as a Christian and a musician.

5 Army of the Brave - George Marshall
So exciting, so advanced for it's time. George Marshall had a crucial influence of the development of high quality SA music.

6 In Wonder beholding - Leslie Condon
A simply beautiful sermon in music by a lovely Christian man.

7 Songs of the Morning - Eric Ball
I knew Eric well in his later years at Poole and this is such a beautifully written piece with a wonderfully inspiring middle movement (begin the day with God).

8 Rhapsodic Variations My Strength my Tower - Dean Goffin
What a mark this man made on Army music - this is one of the very best.