A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Adrian Purkiss' Castaway Tracks

Adrian's Comment
I have put together a “tribute” castaway list of music I will always associate with Mum.
The following tracks are dedicated to the memory of Mum, Eileen Margaret Purkiss (nee Jobson) who passed away on the 25th March 2011 aged 88. A third generation Salvationist originating from Sutton, South London Corps, before moving to Sholing, Southampton Corps in 1960.

1 Sine Nomine - SPS053 - International Staff Band
Not directly associated with Mum but with my childhood. School assemblies etc. and so intrinsically a part of memories.

2 Why Hang Your Harp on the Willow - FSRS1305 - Wellington South Citadel Songsters
This was chosen as apparently this is what I always liked to be sung to sleep as a 3 year old. “Sing willow tree” was my cry at bedtime.

3 New Jerusalem - SLRZ4013 - Centenary Chorus with the I.S.B., Gallery Trumpets & Organ
Whilst Mum was always happier to be taking a back seat in the songsters, she was convinced to, or told to do the speaking part in New Jerusalem and Born to be King. This terrified her but she always rose to the task on every occasion.

4 March - The Flowing River - MF222 - Supplies Dept. Band
The vocal version of this march, was a favourite at the time when Mum toured Sweden with the Sutton Songsters. The version here was recorded when mum was 11.

5 The Kingdom - 001 - Danforth (Toronto) Songsters
Included as a remembrance of Mum’s many trips to Canada to see her lifelong friend the late Kath Ward of Bloor Corps.

6 Song - Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts (Tune - Harton Lea) - SXLP50014 - Upper Norwood Songsters
Ron Howard, long standing Sholing Songster Leader used this tune by George Marshall with the words “When I survey the wondrous cross”. This became a favourite with the Songsters and was featured during Mum’s Thanksgiving Service.

7 The River - LC57 - Whangarei Women's Voices
Again this was a favourite with Sholing Songsters and this was featured during the funeral.

8 In God's Tomorrow - TRLPS39 - Albert Avery
The words of the Chorus were printed on the front page of the funeral, order of service, also having been used on similarly on her fathers and her cousins.