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David Ambrose, Bradford, Yorkshire, UK
Hi Ian, I have just come across your amazing website. I was a fifth generation Salvationist who left the Army due to personal reasons, but the Army and particularly the music will always stir emotional memories. As a former Bandmaster at Bradford West Bowling Corps I spend many hours watching The Army on Youtube, and will enjoy looking back at this wonderful Website you have created. Many thanks. Regards David.
September 20, 2018

Lars A Lignell, Salem, OR
Greetings Ian, I haven't visited your site in quite a while, I see you still haven't found a record with Bramwell Coles Piece 'Discipleship' I played flugelhorn horn with the old Oakland Citadel Band which is now in Concord CA. That is still my number one favorite band selection from the festival Series, because of Fanny Crosby's song 'I must have the Savior with me'. I still love to listen to my favorite castaway pieces. Blessings on you. Lars A. Lignell, Retired Band Master, Salem Kroc Center Band
June 18, 2018

Peter Hamlett, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK
What a wonderful resource your website is. Clearly a labour of love and an amazing treasury of music. I have been particularly delighted to find a number of LPs which I loved but unwisely disposed of following the advent of CDs.  I was a bandsman in the SA for some 50 years before  my wife and I felt it right to join the Church in which we are now very actively involved and in which until recently I played trumpet in the music group. As a friend of mine remarks however 'You can take the lad out of the Salvation Army but you can't take the Salvation Army out of the lad'.  Thank you so very much.
March 31, 2018

Ted Gabrielsen, Greenfield, IN. USA
Searching your website I found a recording of the Chicago Staff Band 1969. Col V Danielson leading the band.  Realizing they had a little more space on the recording, they added a track of The Old Rugged Cross with Tom Gabrielsen as soloist.  Tom passed away two weeks ago.  Finding this solo, we plan to use it at his Celebration of Life.  Thank you for the monumental job of making all  this glorious music of the past be available. The recording gives no citations to who is playing but I know from history it was Tom.
July 7, 2017

Brett DeMichael, Ohio
This is an amazing site. A lot of these recordings I thought were lost forever - so cool to listen to them again. Thanks for this hard work.
June 7, 2017

Adrian Read, England
Just seen a message from Clive Smale who is now in New Zealand, thought he went to Australia. Used to go to school with him and play in Watford Citadel band. Be good to talk again after 40 years. Adrian Read
June 4, 2017

John Brooks, Canada
I'm a lifetime collector of S.A. Recordings and over the years have sadly misplaced several.  I've found a number on this site that are in that category but the recent addition of the ISB live recording from Norway featuring an iconic performance of Terry Camsey on Victorious was a wonderful find.  Thank you Ian for all your hard work.
May 6, 2017

Adrian Purkiss, Bournemouth
Ian, Excellent article about you and the website in SA Bandsman this month.
April 29, 2017

Caroline Boyinde, Omotoso, U.S.A
I really appreciate you and thank you for this website. I have visited it at least twice now to listen to 'Hymns for Little Children by Salvation Army Sunbury Junior singers(1967)'. I played this music for my children when they were growing up in Nigeria (between 1973 and 1980) and I am now encouraging my grandchildren to listen to the Album. It is so beautiful and always a delight. There is also 'Carols for little children' by the same choir which is also very beautiful. There are no CDs of these beautiful pieces available; I wish someone can produce them with permision even if part of the proceeds go to Salvation Army. God bless you.
March 21, 2017

Dave Harrison, Hadleigh, Essex, UK
Hi Ian. I have just spent another couple of hours on your site. which I admire your skill and patience. I trust you are keeping well. and still playing your cornet in the fellowship band. Going through the guest book you see so many people you know. I picked up on Brian McDougall, who played Sop from 17 yrs old for 35 yrs, now at Clearwater Corp Florida, and friendly with Campbell Robinson. Well I would like to mention I went on Sop when I was 16 years old , this year I will be 82, and have been on Sop all the time, now completing 66 years continuously on Sop. Ian I still play in 3 bands, Hadleigh Temple, South London Fellowship Band, and the North East London Fellowship Band. I still have the enthusiasm I had when I was 16 yrs old, and look forward to each time the band is out. I would like to thank God for giving me the health and strength (and LIP) and pray I can carry on for many years to come. Ian, George Whittingham is now playing Eb Bass in the South London Band, he is 90 now. On his birthday he got together an all star Brass band made up with pro!s and stars, it was brilliant. Once again Thank You. God Bless. Dave Harrison
March 1, 2017

Janice Magill, Fort Myers, Florida
I am so excited.  My dad was a trombonist and I grew up on army music.  We are former Eastern Territory officers and I don't always have access to good SA music.  I needed to find a songster song to play for my husband's Bible Study group on Psalms and you had it. Thank you for your diligent work and care in collecting all this music. Blessings.
February 15, 2017

Brian Taylor, Basingstoke now living in Christchurch UK
Thank you Keith for your comments.  I can honestly say I have never been happier since 'coming back' to the Army.  My time with the Bournemouth Fellowship Band is one I look forward to and cherish. Carolling was wonderful as is the preparation for a joint concert with the Solent Fellowship Band at the end of February. Although I enjoy my time with 'outside bands' as well, the Army is much more satisfying and meaningful.
February 1, 2017

Keith Smith, Northern Ireland
I have been a follower of your site for a few years now, but prompted to sign your guestbook after reading Brian Taylor's posting which is very similar to mine. I was brought up in a Salvation Army family in a small Corps which closed during my teenage years. My father was YPSM and it was he who taught me to play, initial on cornet but soon onto euphonium. We transferred to Rochdale Citadel where I joined the senior band and was there until I married and transferred to Heywood (again now many years closed). Work commitments took me to Oldham where I was introduced to Delph Band, in the days when it was frowned upon for a SA bandsman to join an 'outside' band. With Delph I changed instruments again and joined the trombone section. In 1973 I moved out of the area and my playing days ended. In 2003 I moved to Northern Ireland where, a couple of years ago a chance meeting with Kenny Briggs, bandmaster at Lurgan SA, led to an invitation to attend band practice if ever I 'wanted a blow!' Initially I didn't take him up on it until I met him again last October. Since then I have attended and thoroughly enjoyed both practice nights and joining the band for the Remembrance Day Service and carolling engagements. At practice last week we played one of my all time favourites, The Call of the Righteous, in preparation for the forthcoming band weekend. I now listen to it frequently on your site, with music in hand. What a great learning experience! I still don't know what the future holds for me as far as full membership of the Corps goes, but I am looking forward to being able to increase my input as time and family commitments allow. Keep up with the good work on your terrific site.
January 8, 2017

Weldon, Canada
I am from Newfoundland, Canada love your your salvation amy music may God always bless you.
January 3, 2017

Dave Rattray, Windsor, Ontario, Canada (from UK in 1957)
Ian: I was delighted when I discovered this site, quite awhile ago now. I just would like to tell you how much enjoyment I get from listening to these many choice pieces from the time when I played cornet in Harlesden Band (UK) and in Cheltenham when attending school there. Having just heard 'Anthem of the Free' I imagine that, if I tried hard enough, I'd be able to play along on the now very much unused Flugel Horn which rests comfortably in it's case (ha-ha!). Such a wealth of wonderful music, inspired and inspirational. Brings back many memories, both of people (many, now gone along ahead) and music. Thank you and those others who have contributed. Dave
November 14, 2016

Lenny Smith, New Jersey, USA
Greetings!  I just heard, for the first time, my old composition,'Our God Reigns' recorded by the Festival Chorus and conducted by Noel Jones.  This is amazing!  I am so honored!  Any fans may hear my three albums of original songs from my Great Comfort Records website.  I am on a mission to fill the earth with songs of deliverance and joy!
October 30, 2016

Cynthia Hursey, Clacton on Sea, UK
I was looking for a song on NYSB Record from the 60's (Lent it out and of course it never came back!)  So up came the song 'A man may be down, but he's never out' along with all the old SA Treasury.... what a find, and thank you so much.
October 14, 2016

Stephen Poxon, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, U.K.
Ian, I am personally indebted to you for this site, your labour of love. Thank you for sharing your hard work for the benefit of others. I have played and played and played my original cassette tape of the 100th birthday celebrations of Commissioner Catherine Booth, over and over again, so much so that it is now worn out and unplayable. Thanks to you and this site, I can now listen to that exact same recording again, to my heart's content. The recording is a tremendous blessing to me, and brings me nearer to God and the Army. Please accept my gratitude and my warm encouragement.
September 10, 2016

Simon Jennings, Penarth, South Wales, UK
Ian, thank you for this site, it is truly amazing. I spent the first 20 years of my life in the Salvation Army playing and singing and am so grateful for the formation I received musically and spiritually. I was sat here racking my brains over a piece of music that I played and longed to hear again and I could remember it. Even consulting my Mum & Dads record collection took me no nearer. I had a hunch on the title and that it was possibly Melbourne Staff Band recording I had heard before. I searched my hunch and there it was over several recordings ( Howard Davies - On the Road). The Army's music is in my blood and every time I listen I'm transported home. Thank you for the time you have taken over this site and your willingness to share it with others. Its truly appreciated!
August 31, 2016

Les Gilbert, Kelowna, BC. Canada
Have found myself increasingly drawn back to this site. It's become one of my key 'background' music providers as one works on computer based tasks. Don't quite know if it's a sense of the familiar, comfort music, or a content that speaks to the inner self. There is certainly some element of spiritual encouragement taking place. In any event, credit to you for taking the time to assemble and manage this site.
August 19, 2016

Norman Riddiough, Leighton Buzzard
Just spent a delightful couple of hours reliving my banding career playing some favourite marches. Happy memories of 65 years spent as a bandsman. Incidentally, Keith Pittock in an earlier post asked about Classic Marches volume 2 conducted by Bram Gregson. This was released as a CD and may still be available from Egon Publishing Limited, Royston Road, Baldock, Herts, SO7 6NW
August 15, 2016

Keith Pittock, LaSalle, Ontario, Canada
Ian: I love the latest entry on your site ... Classic Marches Vol 2 .... I have the CD for the original volume & was wondering if the Vol 2 has a CD .. Searched the Internet with no luck.  Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Ian and keep up the great work.  Blessings, Keith
August 10, 2016

Brian Taylor, Basingstoke now living in Christchurch UK
Update from my posting in June.  I've now joined the Bournemouth Area Fellowship Band and been made most welcome by Bandmaster Stan Randell and the 40 plus members of the band. Wonderful feeling to be a part, albeit peripheral, of the Army family again and playing 'our' music. Who knows what the future may bring. To anyone else who is a lapsed SA member or bandsman I say, search out your local SA Fellowship Band, there are many here in the UK and probably throughout the world.  I'm sure they will make you very welcome as Bournemouth has to me. Boundless Salvation!
August 7, 2016

Pablo Nicolasa (Major,) Argentina viviendo en Paraguay
Wonderfull, fantastic, very, very good. I am officer of The Salvation army and play cornet for many years and enjoy so much with this side
July 17, 2016

John Ludiazo, leaving in USA from Congo
Being a former bandsman in the 60s and became Bandmaster, I find myself identified with the musicians of all time. What a memory, it is a real music reminiscence. Well done Ian I salute you.
June 24, 2016

Nicholas Cooper, Flitwick Beds and now Rugby
Lovely to hear some very good playing such happy Music. I was in Rugby Citadel band circa 1959-1970. Now an ex trombonist, missing playing very much.  Best wishes to all Salvationists.
June 18, 2016

Brian Taylor, Basingstoke now living in Christchurch UK
I grew up in the SA, my father was a bandsman in Castleford, Deal, Eastbourne Citadel (YP Band Leader), Chalk Farm (and the Drummers Fraternity) then BM at Basingstoke in the 50s and 60s.  The whole family were and many still are active Salvationists. I left soon after joining a military band in 64 and hadn't played for at least 45 yrs until late in 2015.  SA music is still in my heart and after joining an 'outside' brass band was amazed to find much of their repertoire was SA. One of our Bb bass players is also a former SA bandsman who told me about this site. I am feeling really blessed and grateful for your efforts to save 'our' heritage. I am enjoying playing again, today we played The Red Shield and Star Lake, both of which were among my late father's favourites. Although it is very unlikely I will play with an SA band again or become a uniformed soldier I am still at one with the SA. Thank you so much.
June 12, 2016

Nedelcu Andrei, Romania
Thanks for this music... I'm a fan of SA Band Music. I also play in my small local band. Very encouraging for me.
June 11, 2016

Hazel Speed, England
I am a retired trombone soloist and daughter of The Late Brigadier and Mrs Albert (and Georgina) Speed. Musical biography - Grade 8 trombone.  I performed a commissioned trombone solo at The Royal Albert Hall 1980, accompanied by ISB the music, composed by Captain Trevor Davis was 'The Sunshine Trail' written for 60th Anniversary of Over Sixties. I believe was first woman to be accompanied by ISB so it was a huge privilege.  Commissioner Needham was the compere and we had been friendly with Keith and Philip Needham years before so synchronicity. I was principal trombone in London Ladies Brass Band conducted by Maisie Wiggins.  Privileged to be in the trombone Octet with Maisie, also two Daughters of Les Condon, Barbara Steadman-Allen and another Officers' Daughter we performed special Christmas music broadcast on TV and were accompanied by ISB at the Commonwealth Institute.  The Late Major Les Condon composed the music.  The BBC have this in their archives. Private Archive recordings I made of The Old Drummer, Happy Am I are available on Amazon and YouTube my recording of The Unknown Way. It was great to find this site when searching for Charlue Skinner's wonderful music for Let Nothing Disturb Thee. Also in my youth lived in Toronto and was in Bands and Trombone groups with Barbara Tillsley.  All privileges.  Was first Singing Company Leader at North York Temple (when it had a great orange pipe).
February 11, 2016

Anthony Cutmore, Wells, Somerset, England
Once again I listened to those wonderful recordings on your website over Christmas. It is strange to hear my father playing in the Rosehill Band the marches that I grew up with and some wonderful guys in the ISB who could sing as well as play. Many thanks for a fabulous website. Tony, England
December 29, 2015

Debra Anderson, Australia
You have made our Christmas day here in Australia. We always listened to a Christmas album and it was an iportant part of probably 35 years of Christmas days. When the album was damaged we remember trying to get it replaced but had no luck. So every Christmas we have unfavourably compared others. Today we were reminiscing again and after a deep, dark search of the garage, and the advent of the internet, we found it here on your site. Christmas Songs and Carols for Little Children, by the Sunbury Junior Singers, 1968, Salvation Army. The memories have brought back tears and joy. Now we can listen to it from this day forward. Thank you kindly and Merry Christmas.
December 25, 2015

Randy Stillwell, Port Townsend, WA. U.S.A.
Dear Ian. What a blast it was to listen to the Neophonic Army recordings from back in the early 70's. Thanks Ian... a fun journey down memory lane. Sincerely, Randy Stillwell, Hollywood Tabernacle Band 1972
December 13, 2015

David, Toronto, Canada
Well done great music
October 31, 2015

Kjell-Erik Edlund, Pitea, Sweden
I just felt a need for providing a feed back for Ian´s great efforts. This Regal Zonophone website has given, and still does, so much spiritual comfort and joy. There really is Joy in The Salvation Army. Every now and then I come back, curious for new uploads of Army music. Simply Wonderful! Kjell-Erik Edlund, Sweden
October 8, 2015

Bill Shimmon, Bradford, UK
Just a few line to comment on the amount of pleasure this site brings me. I am fortunate if I sleep more tham 2 or 3 hours a night, and this site is both a companion and a great source of blessing in the small hours of the morning. My thanks must go recently to B/M Norman Short, for shareing his collection of Army music, in particular the British sections of yesteryear. May God Bless our Army, and the mission of this site!
February 4, 2015

Kaytie Harding, Horsham, UK
I have so enjoyed listening to my mum Ann Harding singing with the Joybelles from Southsea, in the 60's. Many many thanks. Kaytie Harding
January 13, 2015

Jeff Newton, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada
I have just spent a couple of hours going listening to music that I played or had the chance to see at Roy Thompson Hall when I was in my teens and 20's. I am smiling so much right now because of the great memories that I just went through. I can't wait to listen to more another time.
January 10, 2015

Ogee, Bristol
Ian, I have searched hi and low for the Sunbury junior singers '68 LP for thirty odd years. This is a paplpable reminder of the power of music to evoke memories (very fond ones, in this case). I'm sure I speak for most people when I say we greatly appreciate your efforts. Thank you ever so much.
December 24, 2014

Jayne Clark, Auckland
Thank you for your site. For Christmas I decided to see if I could play and record some music from an old record that had been made into a clock. It was 'Cheer Up - Cornet Trio' my Uncle Frank Lyndon being one of the trio playing with the International Staff Band. Well my efforts were hilarious as my player only goes to 45rpm but we got an idea of how the tune plays. Fast forward to good old google search, we found you and we got to listen to the real thing! Much more impressive at the correct speed! Thank you again for your time in making the site.
December 24, 2014

Gordon Franks, Santa Rosa, California, USA
I have to tell you how much I appreciate the music on this site.  I can remember my mom always playing the Regal Zonophone records on Sunday morning before we went to the Corps.  I just realized that I have been playing a BBb bass for 50 years now.  I'm not sure how time has moved that quickly.  I really enjoy playing this site at work, even though I work for the Army, no one who works here is a Salvationist and this provides an opportunity for them to hear good Army music. Thanks for this great site. Blessings on you Ian.
July 1, 2014

Ron Law, Palmerston North New Zealand
Just love all this wonderful S.A. music. Fond memories of Dean Goffin taking B/P in Palmerston North when be was the D.C. in the area. Been a Bass player now for about 63 years (BBb) Thanks for your wonderful music put up for us older Salvationist.
June 6, 2014

Leif Reslow,East Greenwich, RI, USA
I have been visiting and listening on your site quite a bit lately and really enjoying both the music and the history.  Wonderful site!  Have shared it with others.
May 17, 2014

Karl Saunders, New Zealand
Hi Ian. While looking up a Youtube 'I Know Thee Who Thou Art' - a song my late Grandfather General Albert Orsborn wrote, I saw a link to your site. I was pleased to discover the same recording under 'The Calvary Track' and at last to learn of its source - being a recording from the Festive Male Choir of 1977, and also who actually made such a beautiful arrangement - Norman Bearcroft. I wonder if that was recorded in London??? It was also nice to hear Grandpa's voice again on those recordings which I have heard before. Every Blessing on this valuable ministry through music and song. Karl Saunders.(NZ). Just a small administrative adjustment - I note you've put Grandpa's middle initial as 'E' - in fact it is Albert W.T. (William Thomas) Orsborn. :)
May 9, 2014

Doug Foster, Toronto, Ont.
Having been a member of Earlscourt and Yorkminster bands for 30 years was both a solid Christian experience, and a great Musical experience. Earlscourt touched many people in a positive way, and this year, many of us felt great sorrow in the passing of an outstanding person and a great leader in Brian Ring.
April 18, 2014

Sue Kelly, Sydney
Thanks for this great site Ian. I have been searching for some time now for an online version of 'Easter Glory - Wellington Citadel Songsters' and in putting this into Google found this site. Having a wonderful evening just listening to wonderful Army music on this Good Friday evening.
April 18, 2014

Keith Pittock, LaSalle, Ontario, Canada
Hi Ian ... Thanks so much for your e-mail and picture with Howard Davies.  A great story.  And above all, the work to put many selections by Howard on your website. Keep up the great work. Blessings, Keith
February 24, 2014

Enobong Umoh, Nigeria
Great site. I enjoy this music. May God bless you richly
February 8, 2014

Steve Henderson, USA-South Carolinas Division
Great site, grew up on the old army music thank you for the time,energy am efforts.
January 7, 2014

Brian Sweetnam, South Africa
Hi. Thank you for this wonderful music. I am only 49 years old (2013) but love this music.  Music like this is rarely heard today. Thank you very much.
November 3, 2013

Sharon McKenzie, Louisville, USA (formerly UK)
Thanks for all these wonderful memories from past festivals and recordings. You are performing a very important service to many ex-Salvationists.
October 30, 2013

Lee Wheaton, Upper Norwood
I am at present on holiday in Dallas, USA and listening to songs from the recordings on your website in my hotel room has been special to me on this Sunday. To have this source of inspiration so readily available is a blessing. Thank you very much for that and long may it continue! God bless you.
October 14, 2013

Christopher Norris, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, UK
Dear Friend. After listening to the recordings on my lap top from the Website, I feel so much in God's House as well as going to my own church of The Salvation Army and it gives me joy on listening to those old memories again and May God Bless you in your work and I shall look forward to listening to more of the music. Yours in Christ. Christopher Norris
September 27, 2013

Hugh Thompson, Kamloops, BC. Canada
You have no idea what your site has churned up in me. Most of my on-line time is spent listening to the music I played so many years ago. I also recognize names of acquaintences and friends. You have 'MADE' whatever time is left, joy and pleasure. Great moments will be retained on a day to day basis now that I have come across your website. Although no longer active once a salvationist always a salvationist. My family goes back to the Founder. I say what many have said on your site - your work is a blessing and thank you.
September 25, 2013

Debbie, Canada
Love this thanks, but I would love to hear old army songs!! great songs on here already. GREAT JOB !!! 
September 22, 2013

Terry Wood, Leesburg, Fl. USA
Just had a well spent afternoon listening to some classic brass band literature. I'm only 17 and appreciate the heritage and message of the music, ministry and this site. My own Salvation Army collection of vinyl records has just grown to be over 150 records!
September 11, 2013

Christopher Priest, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
An old friend pointed me to this site. Thank you for your ministry.
September 6, 2013

Kitty Kwan, Canada
I have the record of the favourite songs for little children Sunbury junior singers of the Sunbury junior singers of the Salvation Army record since 1970 .I am till playing it and love every minute of it.
August 1, 2013

Judith Ann Hamilton nee Hine, Springhead, Saddleworth
Hi Ian. Just wanted to say thanks for recording and photo of Manchester Openshaw Songsters, being as I was on the record having just joined the Songsters from Singing Company which would have been 1965. It brings back so many happy memories of my time at the corps. I can remember most of the faces just an odd one that I can't place. Keep up the good work.
July 31, 2013

Bruce, Whangarei, New Zealand
Very good web site, thanks very much for putting up such a wonderful collection of Salvation Army Band, as well as their 78's from the 30's and 40's. They had a unique sound and spirit of playing, especially during those years, which is rarely heard today. Regards
June 18, 2013

Edmund Markham, Elmira, Oregon, United States of America
I have just recently been made aware of your site and I must say it reminds me of corps band practices and summer band camps. Nothing in my opinion sounds as good as a Salvation Army Brass Band. Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories.
May 18, 2013

Divisional Envoy Ian Richardson, Norwich, UK
Hi Ian. Since your site was recommended to me some years ago, I have been hooked, because every time I visit your site I also revisit some of the great days of Salvation Army banding and the memories just come flooding back. Pieces of music scored many years ago, now sadly confined to many a band library archive, old favourites like Star Lake and Daniel. Thank you so much for the time and effort that you have put into this site. God Bless you Ian.
May 9, 2013

Rob Turner, Sydney
Its been over 25 years since I played a Double B in the Campsie Band but listening to these tunes has reminded me of band trips away, Saturday night programmes, Sunday night meetings, but most of all the special camaraderie that can only come from practicising and playing with some of the finest men I have ever known.  Thank you for providing such a site that has done that for me.
May 9, 2013

Pauline Hobbs, Adelaide, South Australia
Just had an afternoon listening to some of my records that you recorded Ian. Fantastic. Also really re-lived Bill Davidson singing 'There Will Be God' Keep up the good work.
May 8, 2013

Bev Smith-Trim,Two Wells
Love your site Ian. Must be a lot of work for you, but the pleasure and blessing it gives to many people I hope makes the effort worthwhile for you.
May 7, 2013

Harry Knowles (Major), Adelaide
G'day, Ian. How sweet it is to hear these old regal items. I am not able to play brass anymore due to hearing issues, but I still love the music of our Army and it strong message of salvation, inner peace and the challenge to service in tne name of Jesus our lord. Many thanks for your tireless effort to make these tracks available once more. Blessings from Harry and Loris.
April 24, 2013

Major David Gill, Leeds, U.K.
Many thanks for this wonderful collection of music, at the moment I am indoors most of the time and although I hope this will change this collection of music gives me much pleasure and blessing, a change from the swing band stuff we seem to get now! Keep up the good work and God bless all your listeners.
April 17, 2013

Vern Calgary, Ab. Canada
So glad you connected me to your site.I visit frequently. Noticed the Gowans-Larsson link in selected playlists. Has this been here long,or have I just missed it. Thanks again for all your endevours.
March 24, 2013

John Sandford, Croydon, England
Hi Ian, the weather has kept me  indoors, but has not stopped me from turning to your www for spiritual refreshment. Hearing Ernest Miller and his wife singing from the heart does one good (recording The Salvationist 1967 USA). This a great www.John
March 24, 2013

Clive Boyes, Hull East, Yorkshire
Former Tylney hall from 1957 to 1965 loved the web site. Found it looking for the piano music for 'That Beautiful Land'. Any clues would be helpful. This music will never go out of fashion. God bless to you all, wonderful memories brough back.
March 18, 2013

Hugh Brennan, Kilbirnie, Scotland
What an amazing site. Brings back memories of RZ records long gone. Keep up the good work.
March 13, 2013

Bill McAllister (junior) Perth, Western Australia
Hi Ian. I have been searching for quite awhile for a Track Called 'Songs Of The Golden Road' .... And I came accross your site WOW! this is unbelievable. Thanks for all the work you have put into this. My dear old Dad who is a Salvationist at the Floreat Park Corp used to have dozens of Regal records when he lived in Scotland and although I was very young I can still remember them. I will be taking my computer down to Dad's this weekend and we'll sit down and reminisce about the days of Army banding. Thanks again for enabling folks like me to live and at times re-live the golden era of Army banding. Bill McAllister, Perth Western Australia.
February 9, 2013

David B Beck, Hampton, Middlesex, UK
Shades of my youth - and lots of others too!
February 5, 2013

Charlie Wilson, Turkey (originally from Shotts Scotland)
Hello Ian, you are coming up with more splendid music and memories. Thank you. I noticed two people who have commented in your guestbook. Ernie Young and Gwynneth Williams; I knew them as a teenager and went to music camps in Scotland with them. It would be good to hear from them. If possible can you pass on my email address to them. Thanks Ian. Keep up the good work.
February 1, 2013

Derek Cozens, Bromley, Kent UK
Wonderful to hear these old records! My father was in the SP&S band in the 1930s, and my uncle played in the Staff Band then and later. I am a former member of Penge band, but no longer in the Army. I came across the site having seen the You Tube video of the eight Staff Bands marching down the Mall in 2011 playing 'Anthem of the Free' - what an inspiring sight!
January 6, 2013

Charlie Wilson, Turkey (Scottish)
I am an ex-Salvation Army person living in Turkey. The music on your site brings back a lot of good memories when I used to attend the Music Camps and meetings. A great way to keep my memories alive. I played euphonium and love to listen to Derrick Kane. A brilliant player. But the main thing for me is the memories.
November 25, 2012

Cassie, Brisbane
My favourite Christmas record as a child was The Sunbury Junior singers.  It took a long time for me as an adult to find the name of the album and the LP.  After much research I finally found the LP on ebay a couple of years ago.  It was also a surprise to find your website and to be able to listen to these wonderful childhood songs.  Now all I need to do is figure out how I can transfer my LP to my Ipod. Thank you.
November 10, 2012

John Sandford, Wallington, Surrey, United Kingdom
What a great source of inspiration and a lifetime of memories. Many of the recordings are 'spiritual highlight' for me and still bring great times of blessings. This website is a must for those who love the Army of the past and will still  bring inspiration to younger salvationists.
October 31, 2012

John Broadbent, France
What a great site, I cannot get off the comp all those wonderful recordings. Well done on producing such a professional site I would not have know if Col Ian Barr had not written about it this months ret Officers news. I live in France but played in Hockley Citadel and Birmingham Citadel bands many years ago. The site is a great contact tool also I have seen many old names there. Do any your readers go the the music Camps at Kenley and Hadleigh? Well done and many blessings I have got hours of listening now.
October 12, 2012

Neil Carter, Oxford, UK
In response to the posts by Hugh and Patrick Joiner, one of the first of the old 78 Regal Zonophone recordings which I remember being in my father's collection back in the 1950s, was the 1934 MF243 UK Territorial Congress Crystal Palace massed band recording of Colonel Goldsmith's Meditation 'Adeste Fideles'. Very much an atmospheric recording and composition of it's time, listening to it today, I am instantly transported back in time to so many happy family Christmas celebrations. Thankyou for reminding me of Colonel Goldsmith's musical heritage.
September 28, 2012

Hugh Joiner, St Albans
I see that my son has already contacted you. May I add that I remember an LP of some of Col Goldsmith's music, which has now gone missing. This included a sonata for piano and brass band (possibly called Eventide - a Meditation). If you can identify this my wife and I would be delighted to hear it again.  Thank you for your web site, we had feared that we had lost all contact with Col Goldsmith's music.
September 25, 2012

Patrick Joiner, Ampthill, Bedfordshire
Hi Just discovered your website and have been having a wonderful time scrolling throuhg the recordings to listen to music by, or recorded by Col. AR Goldsmith who was my great grandfather. My mother often tells me of her grandfather who was a leading musician in the Salvation Army but I have never before found recordings of his music of him playing, so this has been a real thrill for me and will be for her as well. Many thanks for this website - it is a real blessing.
September 24, 2012

Mel Kent, Live in China
An absolutely fantastic collection.
September 19, 2012

Phil Robinson, Northmead
I was forwarded a link to this sight some time ago and I continually listen to the music I grew up with and now play in Parramatta SA Band. I love the the old time music that has been brought back to life for new generations of music lovers to enjoy.
September 11, 2012

Audrey Frykenberg, Wisconsin, USA
I was part of the Braeside Corps in Harare, Zimbabwe many years ago, and love(d) O Disclose Thy Lovely Face, and Bread of Heaven.  I found this site after much internet digging - thanks for putting all this online.  If you have a recording of Bread of Heaven (Baird/Grinsted) and All For Thee (Havergal/Kellner) I would love to hear these again. Thanks for all the time and energy you have put into this!
August 19, 2012

Nigel Keay, Paris, France
Greetings, it's been fascinating to discover this site and listen to the music. My grandfather was a band-master of the Woodville (NZ) Salvation Army Band, and my father also a life-long member of the Salvation Army involved with both band and songsters. I remember playing cornet in a junior SA band in Napier where I also began learning the violin. At least until my teenage years this was the music I was surrounded by, and which provided such a great opportunity to gain experience playing in an ensemble at an early age. Eventually my interest in the violin took over so I shifted to youth orchestras, and that later on led to becoming a composer. I arrived on this site looking for information about a Salvation Army Congress that would it appears have been held in 1959 or 1961; my memory is that I performed a short item on recorder (my very first instrument) in the Wellington Town Hall as part of a Congress event that was held there (my very first public performance!).
July 25, 2012

Clive Smale, Nelson, New Zealand
I discovered this site by pure luck. As a former SA bandsmen it has brought me much enjoyment & many happy memories of my time as Soprano Cornet player in Watford Citadel band during the late 50's, early 60's. I now live in New Zealand and have recently picked up the cornet after a break from banding of over 40 years. To my suprize I can still manage a tune, therefore I have joined one of our local bands playing Solo Cornet. We will see how long the 'puff' lasts. Keep up the good work...great site.  Clive Smale.
July 22, 2012

Barbara Gale, Folkestone Kent
Love this web site just listened to the 1967 sunbury Junior singers ...I was one of those singers it was a fantastic experience.  I made 2 LPs and a single and the beatles were there the day we recorded this and Cliff rRchard and the Shadows great times x
July 14, 2012

John Rogers, Cardiff, South Wales
Hi, what a great site, you must have spent along time adding all these records.  I found out about this site from my brother, I will pass the info on to all my comrades in the Canton SA Band.
July 7, 2012

Michael Cooke, Thurlton, Norwich, England
How wonderful to discover your web site. What an inspiration for me. You really must have spent a considerable amount of time and patience putting together the catalogue of music and song. God bless you and thank you.
July 4, 2012

Francis, Mt. Hope, Trinidad and Tobago
Hi Ian: I stumbled onto your website today (June 3, 2012). I was initially looking for the Sunbury Junior Singers from England and after many years of searching the internet, I found them here. This music takes me back many, many years to my childhood when my parents used to play the Sunbury and Salvation Army Children's Christmas and Worship records at home. I never realized how extensive is the repertoire of the Salvation Army. God Bless You for all the hard work you have put in to bring these wonderful albums to us.
June 4, 2012

Roger Timberlake, Melbourne,  Australia
Hi Ian. Like many others I have enjoyed listening on your website to some of the wonderful Salvation Army music from past decades. Having played a lot of the music over the years with both the Melbourne Staff Band and the Camberwell Citadel Band, it has brought back many fond memories. We don't often get the chance to play many of the devotional selections these days which I think is a pity,as they always bless me and remind me of the true purpose of S.A. banding. Thank you for the work you have put in to provide this website. Sincerely yours Roger Timberlake.
May 16, 2012

Ian Watson, Blackpool, England
Hi Ian. Thanks to you I've rolled back the years and discovered the secret of eternal youth - i.e. listening to your site in general and Heralds of Australia in particular !!! Thanks a million!
May 14, 2012

Pauline Stewart, Esperance, Western Aunstralia
Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this is truly amazing and such a blessing to be able to listen to these beautiful old songs.
May 13, 2012

John  Stephen, Warrnambool, Australia
Thank you for such a marvelous site. I have found tracks on here that I have been searching for for years. I have referred your site onto many friends. Thanks so much.
May 13, 2012

Febe Angela, Pattipeilohy, Indonesia - Corps 3 Band
Thank you for what you do to the The Salvation Army songs. We really do appreciate it. It is incredible and great...God Bless you and God Bless The Salvation Army all around the world.
May 11, 2012

Pamela Watkins, Preston Corps, Victoria, Australia
What a fantastic find!!! GREAT to hear all the old Army tunes I grew up. Thank you Ian.
April 30, 2012

Jill Brennan, Leeds, England
I'm delighted to have discovered this wonderful website, which evokes so many memories.  As a child I was taken regularly (three times on a Sunday) to the Army since my father was the Songster Leader, so I was seeped in the traditional army music, and only now do I realise how much I value this (perhaps because it's not so readily accessible now!)  My father suffered a stroke at a young age and has been disabled for many years.  He is now bed-ridden, and although he cannot speak he still has his mental faculties. Today I played him some of the music from your site, especially pieces by Leslie Condon who was a personal friend of his (I remember him visiting our house and using my bedroom!)  Listening to the music was very moving for him and brought back some happy memories as well as being a rich source of blessing. I just wanted to let you know the impact you are having on other people's lives.  Thank you for your continued commitment to this site. God bless you!
April 11, 2012

Keith Pittock, LaSalle, Ontario, Canada
Hi Ian ... You have been a very busy man the past few days with so many new albums.  Thanks to Pauline Hobbs and Ralph Kerr, they have brought back many good memories.  I remember singing in Massey Hall, Toronto a few times for the annual Festival with the Woodstock Songsters. Maybe if Ralph reads this he can let me know if he is a son of Major Pete Kerr from the late 50's.  Keep up this beautiful work Ian.
March 26, 2012

John Meredith, Boscombe Salvation Army
What a monumental task! Many congratulations on the amount of work you have completed on this project. I have only recently discovered your website and so very pleased and grateful that I have. A treasury of 'Army music - our heritage - thank you so much.
March 15, 2012

Gilbert Matthews Sr., New York, U.S.A
Wow....I remember when my corps band @ Harlem Temple played a lot of the old songs.. We are having our 125th corp anniversary this year (2012) We are gathering the old player...Will try to play the old tunes.
March 2, 2012

Carl J Lindstrom Jr., Westchester, IL. USA
What a great website. My father Lt. Col Carl Sr. was from Detroit Citadel Corps where my grandfather PMJ Lindstrom was corps officer and my father played his trombone. After my dad became an officer he and my mother Gladys nee Robinson (From St Thomas Ontario Canada) were stationed in Ypsilanti Michigan, Omaha Neb and finally Chicago. My dad then became bandmaster of the Chicago Staff Band. He was in thiis position for 2 different times. I also played in the band under Vic Danielson. What wonderful memories. Thank God the Salvation Army and it's one of a kind music.
February 26, 2012

Ernie Young, Originally from Scotland
I now live in Irlam Greater Manchester and soldier at Sale Corps where I was the BM for 5 years and I discovered your amazing site when I was living in California where I was working for the SA. Regarding the Regal Zonophone 78's I have a reasonable collection of the actual discs. I often log on to your web site and enjoy the nostalgia of it all!
February 17, 2012

Marcia Sheffield, (Swanson), Chicago
This brings back so many memories of songs and tunes from the past.  What a wealth of blessings. Thank You, Marcia Sheffield, Thousand Oaks, Ca.
January 28, 2012

Jacques Colant, Belgium
Merci pour ce formidable site!  J'écoute tous les jours pendant que je travail & mon bureau. (Thanks for this great site! I listen every day while I work at my desk.)
January 18, 2012

Ron Clarke, Rockdale Corps, Sydney, Australia
Hello Ian. Thank you for your website and the large amount of music available on it. I use it regularly but only just noticed your guestbook and felt I should take the opportunity to thank you for together with salvoaudio you provide we old-timers with music which we grew up with and still enjoy when we are able to hear it. As a bandsman, bandmaster and songster leader it contributed immensely to my spiritual life as well as my enjoyment of good music. I am frequently telling others and recommending your site. Keep up the good work and God bless you in all you do. Ron Clarke
January 10, 2012

Dr Willaim Warr, Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia
Hello Ian. Today a Security Technician came to do some work at my home. He noticed a book on my desk which led to the question, "Are you a Christian?" It transpires that we are both Ex-Salvo's and ex-bandsmen. In my younger days I played in Perth Fortress Band in Western Australia. After coming to live in Victoria I played in Malvern SA Band for many years. He suggested I look up your site. What a revelation!! Although I am now in my 80's, Listening to these records brought back many memories and tears to my eyes; particularly some of the Vocal solos which I sang myself. Brian Davies is an old friend of mine; it was interesting to read about his CD. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this site.  I will be visiting many times in the future. I pray every blessing on your future activities. Bill Warr.
January 10, 2012

Keith, LaSalle, Ontario, Canada
Ian:  Thanks for your recent comments via e-mail.  Notice you have been busy this Christmas season with the addition of albums.  I must throw in a little plug here for ISB120.  After reading the album cover for the Melbourne Territorial Staff Band recording (one of your latest adds) I couldn't help but think of the 4 Staff Bands worldwide. Then in June, 2011 the EIGHT Staff Bands met for a thrilling several days in London.  (p.s. I am still looking for you in the Royal Albert Hall Ian.)  I purchased the (2 DVD 'The Complete Works' and the 'Brass Spectacular' DVD online through World of Brass.  Very good service for delivery times. Thanks for the work you are doing with the site. Blessings, Keith
January 3, 2012

Martin Fowler, Wigan Corps, Lancashire, England
I came across your site while browsing the net one day and am absolutely fascinated by the wealth of material contained therein. As a fourth-generation Salvationist with two bandmasters in the family (one of whom was a former member of the ISB) I grew up with a lot of this music and in fact some of it takes me right back to my childhood. Of particular interest was the 1957 ISB American tour record which my Dad had when I was very young - I remember being enthralled by Ray Steadman-Allen's &quot;Lord of the Sea&quot; at 6 years of age. I was also interested to see the album by Peter and Sylvia Dalziel, with whom I worked on SA headquarters in Johannesburg in the late 70s and early 80s. There is a wealth of invaluable material on the website for anyone with an interest in Army music. Keep up the good work.<br /><br />All the best to you and yours for 2012. God bless, Martin (Wigan Corps, Central North Division, UK Territory)
January 1, 2012

Brian McDougall, Clearwater, Florida
I return often to your site. These old recordings stir many memories of my younger years in the Detroit (Michigan) Citadel Band. I was lucky to go on soprano cornet when I was 17 years old. I lasted 35 years then moved to Florida. I now sit in the solo/first cornet row for the last 11 years. We don't play many of the good old army classics at Clearwater. But when we do I really miss my old soprano days. Those were the days. I hope your site will continue to grow. I have been trying to find a recording of the piece Eventide. It meant a great deal to the Detroit bandsman and corps of the 1920s. I checked with my friend Campbell Robinson and he remembers playing it back in the day.
December 29, 2011

Jan Cowan (nee Alchin), Melbourne, Australia (formerly Norwood S. Aust)
Thank you Ian (again) for this site and for providing the opportunity for so many of us to access a broad range of fine Salvation Army music - past and present. I have found recordings which members of my family participated in and have again thanked God for my Army upbringing.I appreciate the rich spiritual and musical heritage that I have, and had you not prepared this site, I would not have had access to much of the music which has enriched my life. It continues to bless and spiritually challenge me for which I am grateful.
December 21, 2011

Sheena McAllister, Bunbury, Western Australia
I remember my dad playing many of these old recordings to get us out of bed on a Sunday morning. We had to leave them in Scotland many years ago. It is wonderful to hear them all again.
December 14, 2011

Arthur Jackson, Perth, Western Australia
I have visited your webpage regularly over the past 18 months and thoroughly enjoyed the experience each time.I have been blest immensly each time - thank you!
December 12, 2011

Stuart Woodward, Basildon
Thank you for remarkably rekindled memories. Despite being a Baptist Minister for 30 years this is the music that formed my devotional life and drew me close to God. It still does.
December 5, 2011

Bill Shimmon, Rotherham ,UK
This site has brought me much blessing recently and some happy memories.
December 1, 2011

Charlie Wilson, Kusadasi, Turkey
This is a brilliant selection of music I haven't heard for years. I play it on a regular basis. Sent to me by my brother, Bill at Gorgie Corps Edinburgh. Keep it up.
November 30, 2011

Mervyn Tarrant, Crawley, West Sussex
Hi Ian. Thanks for bringing so many memories back having been brought up in the good old army. Have played many of these pieces even conducted some when a SA bandmaster.  Have just returned to the army at Horsham and helping with their band of ten. Keep up the good work. Mervyn Tarrant
November 23, 2011

Vernon J. Ronald, Calgary, Alberta
Hi Ian: Just discovered your site this morning and all I can say is, 'Oh my goodness'. All the old 78's and L.P's. I can remember my dad playing these on Sunday afternoon just before Jr.Soldiers class and Sunday School. Thank you so much for this wonderful site. It sure does bring back a lot of good memories.
November 14, 2011

Keith Pittock, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Hi Ian..Just noticed a request in your guestbook for 'My Humble Cry' ... You have probably answered Peter by now, but if I want a particular selection, I enter the name in the Home Page search box.  I did this with 'My Humble Cry' and it immediately showed up on Google search with links to your site.  Hanwell Songsters sing it and also Moonee Pond Songsters. Keep up the terrific work Ian ...With Thanks and Blessings, Keith
November 10, 2011

Peter Roed, Abbotsford, BC Canada
Greetings Ian: Last year you created a Devotional site for me...thanks again. Is it possible to find either a Band or Songster Brigade in your vast selections of recordings, which includes a rendition of the tune My Humble Cry? (Tune 346 in the Tune Book) I have made a request of at least two Army composers if they would create a selection using 346 - but to date, without success. Hope you can find that beautiful melody.  With thanks.
November 10, 2011

Willi Erzberger, Zurich Central Hall Band, Switzerland
Hi Ian, It was a pleasure for me to meet you in London during the ISB 120 celebration. Thank you so mutch for all the hard work you put into making this site possible. I play it everytime I am on my computer. Best regards Willi
November 6, 2011

Barrie Slater, Norwich
What a find this site is. Have now spent too much time in luistening to good old fashion Army music but what a treat. Thanks to your interest I can enjoy hours of Army records. Thanks once again.
October 31, 2011

Dennis Bruce Sibley, Moreno Valley, CA, USA
Great site.
October 22, 2011

Neil Carter, Oxford, UK
I know I've mentioned this before, but every so often Ian's amazing Website throws up a gem I've never previously heard. Bandmaster Ian Baxter's arrangement of 'Spirit of the Living God' for his Band at Brisbane City Temple - YPRX1048 - Brisbane City Temple Band of the Salvation Army - is just such a gem, but now I've just discovered another one. When I played in Wood Green Band in the late 1960s, from time to time the BM would put up a composition of Dr Thomas Rive, Bandmaster at Auckland Congress Hall. At the time I neither understood nor appreciated the sheer musical genius of this composer, and felt that his music was just too 'modern' or advanced to be appreciated by SA listeners - or me. What did I know? In any case I was wrong, as Dr Rive's professional expertise was in 16th Century Church music, indeed, I now read that he was a recognised world authority in his field, so again, what did I know? Now Ian has put up the Thomas Rive retrospective LP  - SODE113 - A Pilgrim's Songs - one of the latest twenty uploads, and the final track, 'Jesus shall Reign' is like no other SA work I've ever heard. To say it was spine tingling is an understatement. Isaac Watt's well known words are set to Dr Rive's own arrangement of the ancient hymn tune of 'Agincourt', apparently originally composed to commemorate the Battle of Agincourt as long ago as 1415. Normally I don't like hearing well loved and familiar words being set to a new tune, or even to such an old one, but to hear an Army Band and Songster Brigade performing in mediaeval style and singing and playing to such a triumphant final Alleluia was truly moving.  Everything about this work is unique, and so very much better than so very much of what was written and performed for this year's ISB 120 celebrations. As this RZ site proves over and over again, the direction of SA composing and music making has substantially changed, and not necessarily for the better. Oxford UK
October 16, 2011

David Byles, Southport, UK
Hello Ian. It`s absolutely brilliant to find your site - I wish I had known about it before. I`ve got many of these old 78`s but most were damaged when a shelf collapsed many years ago, so it`s great to hear them again. I especially enjoy `Jesus Speaks` by Hanwell Songsters.  I was born in Hanwell in 1948 and my father was bandmaster.   My mother and father were both in the songsters and on these recordings, so it`s both happy and emotional to listen to them again. Many thanks. David Byles
October 16, 2011

Garry Hughes, Brisbane, Australia
Hello Ian. Thank you for all the work you havae put into this site. I have found it a valuable resouce for directing our band to to listen to pieces we are about to practice.  It is  extremely helpful when bandsmen are away, they can 'catch up' with the listening.
October 14, 2011

Ian Rabjohns, Pant-Yr-Awel, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, UK
Dear Ian. It was fantastic to find your web site and to hear those superb Joystrings tracks such as 'All Alone', 'Now I Know', 'When Jesus Comes to You', 'Joshua',etc. Some of the Christmas Joystrings tracks I'd never heard before, even though I am a massive Joystrings fan! I was born the year the Joystrings started,1963. I have recently had Bill Davidson as a 'friend' on Facebook, and The Joystrings tribute page on Facebook, that I believe Bill updates. It has been wonderful chatting to Bill on-line! He's the Pastor of a church in the USA now. The release of the digitally remastered Joystrings tracks on 'The Joystrings - Restrung', released 2011, had me in raptures! To hear those tracks on CD format (and vastly improved sound) is fabulous. Thanks once again Ian, for giving the me the chance to listen to some Joystrings tracks I hadn't previously heard! God bless you Ian. With kindest regards from Ian Rabjohns.
October 8, 2011

Gary Craig, Nowra, NSW, Australia
Blessed my socks off this sight I discovered today when looking for a lost piece of music. March 'Joyous Gospel' by ? do you know where it is? Noted my mate Ian from Tasmania has signed in. Thank you all for all the hard work of digitizing these wonderful albums.
October 8, 2011

Ian Ross, Launceston, Tas. Australia
I felt I should again say THANK YOU for all your work in developing and maintaining this fabulous musical resource.  I drop in regularly to check on what is new, and am always blessed by the music, and the words that they bring back to mind. GOD BLESS!
September 29, 2011

Ken Taylor, Derby, England
Ian, I have just been introduced to your website; it is fantastic. I never thought I would ever hear again some of this music from the past, many pieces of which I played over the 30 + years when a bandsman in Derby Central Band, England. It has been great to reminisce on those days and also go further back to when my father played his 78’s when I was a young boy. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful collection of Salvation Army music together and making it available to everyone. I realise I may now be in danger of spending too many hours on your website but, I look forward to many more happy hours of listening.
September 21, 2011

Geoff Ingram, Stockton-on-Tees
In answer to the two people asking for recordings of 1965 Centenary, all records produced are on this site. Geoff Ingram
September 19, 2011

Ian, Tasmania
What an excellent historical collection of great SA music you have gathered for posterity! I also would love to see the 1965 Centenary Recordings on this site, if you can track them down!
September 17, 2011

David Wardle, Auckland, NZ
I found this website a few days ago and I must say i was much blessed by listening to the various selections. I would dearly love to listen to a good selection of the 1965 Centennary Celebrations held in London from 25th June - 3rd July. The late Brig Owen Ojala had a good selection that I had listened to but he gave the library to another organisation about 30 years ago and I suspect that with all the changes in recording it has been disposed of. Yours in His Service, David
September 15, 2011

Steve Schaffner, Haddon Township, New Jersey, USA
Thank you. I have been looking for the recording of 'Tucker' by Erik Leidzen for almost 30 years. I didn't know whether Tucker was the name of the tune or the composer. This is a wonderful work for cornet solo, and Giles plays it so well! I wonder if the recording is a bit fast. Some of these old discs were not 78, but varied between 67 and 80. The music seems to be in G, but it is a very high G. Is it possible that the SA was using high pitch instruments in 1935? Thanks again.
September 9, 2011

Steve Barker, England
Thank you so much for making my day.
August 27, 2011

Kenneth Barker, BC, Canada
I noted with interest in the Regal Zonophone List items MF 268, 273, 286 and 287 listed Philip Barker as the conductor of the Upper Norwood Crystal Palace Band. He was my uncle, the brother of my father, George. I would love to hear one of the recordings or get further information. I understand the Band broadcast on the BBC several times.
August 26, 2011

Lars A Lignell, Salem, OR, USA
Ian so nice to visit you website once again, like you I have quite a collection of old SA 33 records from all around the world. thanks for your heads up on the ISB 120 I even put the you tube videos on my laptop and also my iPad so I can sit there in bed and watch the you tube videos. All I can say is that they are fantastic. Blessings on you. Lars A Lignell, Bandmaster SA Salem Kroc Center Band.
August 26, 2011

Pat Wootten, Auckland, New Zealand
I found your website today while searching for a name and have spent the afternoon singing with and listening to some wonderful music. I even found a piece that I was part of. Thank you so much for starting this site.
August 10, 2011

David Phillips Lt.Colonel, Bournemouth, Boscombe Corps
Thank you for this amazing collection of SA recordings. I was thrilled to listen to the March Liberty.This was the March I played with Chalk Farm Band in 1958 prior to entering the Training College. I appreciate your work in making possible these recordings. God bless you.
August 5, 2011

Doug Taylor, Hadleigh, Essex
Superb site Ian. I could spend hours listening to all tracks and having memories stirred.
July 28, 2011

Linda Philbrick, Hinchey, California
Just found your website through a friend's email - can't wait to explore!  More incentive to get my speakers working on my computer at home... ha!
July 21, 2011

Steve Pavey, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Hi Ian...great job with the website!  I'm currently on holiday and just spent a good portion of the afternoon listening to many of the recordings I grew up listening to when I was younger, and more.  I felt God's blessing as I listened.  Thank you, and greetings from the CSB.
July 14, 2011

Keith Pittock, LaSalle, Ontario, Canada
Thanks for your e-mail with your BBC article.  Very interesting.  Thanks also for putting Terry Camsey as one of your highlights on the Home Page of the website.  I could not help but play (right away) Terry Camsey's Cornet Solo 'Life's Pageant' with the ISB.  (SXLP50014 - Sounds Triumphant with ISB and Upper Norwood Songsters.) Thanks again.  Blessings, Keith
July 12, 2011

Kevin M. Broadhead, Stocksbridge
Hello there. Well! What a fantastic selection of Salvation army music. I grew up in the army in Stocksbridge.Those days were great! But those days of the sixties and seventies gave me a firm grounding in what been in the army stood for. It's teachings, religous, and music. I drifted away and got on with my life. However through the years I have kept in contact with the army.Iam pleased to say that I still attend the army and our youngest son is a junior soldier at Barnsley.I play in the small band at Barnsley.What a humble joy it is to play for the Lord.In the devotional section the first on the list.Lord see me kneeling speaks so strongly.God bless you and THANKYOU.
June 22, 2011

Alan Brennan, Melbourne
Ian, I am just blown away by this great resource. I grew up in the S.A. in the 50's 60's. This evokes wonderfull memories,and is a great aid to worship.<br />Thanks for what you have done and continue to do.
June 19, 2011

Bob Draper, Hadleigh, Essex
Dear Ian, Many thanks for all the time you spent on your website, you must have brought much blessing to many like myself. God Bless.
June 11, 2011

Carol Rody Ray, McMinnville, Oregon, USA
I grew up playing and singing many of these and I haven't heard them in so long. What a thrill and joy to find your wonderful web site. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. I'm going to enjoy hours and hours of listening and singing along. Thank you thank you thank you!
May 30, 2011

Keith Pittock, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Ian: Thanks so much for loading the Santa Ana Band today.  Brings back many memories (46 yrs in fact) of a few in the band &amp; especially on this recording ... Ed Freeman, Bill Gordon, Al Stickland. Separate e-mail has been sent to you. Blessings, Keith
May 27, 2011

Elizabeth Hogan-Hayduk, Montreal, Canada
Thank you for all you've done to post this wonderful music. I started w/Salvation Army at the age of 7, and enjoyed many wonderful yrs. of timbrels, singing grps and banding days. Listening to some of the familiar music is wonderful--it thrills my soul!  Thank you and many blessings!
May 21, 2011

De WoodSaucier, Mississippi
This is a fabulous site. I love it and I'm not that old! Keep the songs coming.  Thank you so much for putting these on the net.
May 18, 2011

Eric Bradley, Murrieta, California
Nice Site! Happy to see these old recordings are now preserved in the digital realm! They bring back memories of the good times I had playing in the Sally Band. God Bless, Eric Bradley
May 19, 2011

Lynne Hutchinson, Helston, Cornwall
Just found your site. Yes an 'army' upbringing never leaves you. Timbrel routines come straight to mind with 'Star Lake' etc and as for 'Torchbearers', I haven't heard it in probably 30 years! My Dad was the songster leader in Camborne and I tried to get him to include it in the evening service every week..... was always worth a try! Thanks so much, you've made my day. Just wait 'til I tell my family, both sides are/were Salvationists.
May 18, 2011

Melvin B. Moore, Prescott, AZ. US
Ian, thank you so much for the work you have done on this site. Now, when the timbrel troupe needs music to perform to we'll have it in a jiffy. God Bless you and all whom have contributed to make these wonderful masterpieces come back to life.
May 16, 2011

Daniel Sharp, York, Pennsylvania, USA
Thank you for this web site. I've rediscovered numerous old LPs that once were an important part of my life, but that I haven't heard in decades.
May 16, 2011

Keith Pittock, LaSalle, Ontario, Canada
Ian:  Thanks for your recent e-mail about your updates.  Not a day goes by that I don't visit your site and listen to a few tracks.  Keep up the good work to bring good memories back to everyone worldwide. Blessings, Keith
May 16, 2011

John Lucas, Sydney, Aust
Fabulous site Ian providing hours of unbridled pleasure. Thanks so much.
May 16, 2011

Alan Brough, Glasgow, UK
Fantastic website, now stored as a favourite and shared with all my friends.
May 13, 2011

Brendan J. Rayner, Northampton, England
Many thanks Ian...... your website just gets better and better.  Recently you've added some wonderful albums, most notably 'Brass International' (a festival my Dad was at and still has the original vinyl recording) and 'Salute to Eric Ball' and bring back many happy memories for me. If there is one album I'd like to see on here (if at all possible), that is the Bandmaster's Councils Festival at the Royal Albert Hall in London from 1982.  The album I believe was titled 'Festivity'.  I believe my wife Elaine's late father, Bandmaster Charles Dove from Stapleford Citadel, was the featured soloist that year and it would be wonderful to hear a recording of that event and of course to hear Charlie play. (As a matter of interest we had a recording of Charlie playing Erik Leidzen's 'A Happy Day' at our wedding in December). If anyone reading this comment can help with this we would be so grateful. Thanks for all your hard work on this fantastic site that I'm sure brings so much pleasure to so many people. With kind regards. Brendan J. Rayner
May 13, 2011

Margaret Garland, Basingstoke, UK
Wonderful to hear this tunes again. I needed to be reminded of my roots. God Bless you.
April 24, 2011

Wielie Elhorst, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dear Ian, My father showed me your website a short time ago and since then I have been listening regularly, in my own time and also at work (it helps doing my work even better. Thank you very much for the music collected on your website. I am 42 years of age, too young to have experienced much of the times recorded myself. Yet, I feel very much connected to the music. I was a Salvationist untill I was 28. My parents were Officers. I think I can say I am from a 'classical' Salvation Army family. I was a fourth generation Salvationist. Especially the music is rooted deeply in our genes so to say, allthough I am now happy serving as a Youth Minister in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. I hope to send you 'The Present Age' one of these days. Am I right that you have not got that yet? I have it on the album 'Brass International' (Bandmaster's Councils Festival 1968). If you are interested let me know. 'The Present Age' is my father's favourite piece. He would be happy to hear it here. Thank you again, Wielie Elhorst.
April 18, 2011

Jeff Law, New Zealand
Absolutely wonderful site - thank you. I was amazed to find 'Minuet from Berenice' - the first piece we learned in the Junior Band in the last '50s.
March 31, 2011

Deon Yates, St. John's Citadel, Newfoundland, Canada
I love this site. Its awesome. Glad my friend told me about it.
March 30, 2011

Bram Chestney, Hadeigh Temple, U.K.
Thanks for this site, great to hear all the old music both brass and vocal.  Will visit again soon!!
March 24, 2011

Dennis F. Beecroft, Originally Keighley Yorks, Now Spain
Happened chance on to your site looking for history of Keighley Cit. my old band. Obviously found Jakeways March 'Keighley Citadel'. Look forward to re-visiting and listening to these old gems. Takes me back years??
March 12, 2011

Hayo J. Ruysink, Germany
I am very pleased with your website. Beautifull thought: All this old SA music sharing with so many around the world. I listen to it often, even during my work and it's still a source of inspiration. Waves of memories and nostalgia flooded me. Thanks for your work for our liking!
March 10, 2011

Dave, St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
Excellent site,brings back many memories of pieces  played many years ago. Thank you for bringing back these memories.
March 5, 2011

Marinus Huizinga, Delfzijl, Holland
February 28, 2011

Dave Harrison, Hadleigh, Essex
Hi Ian. So good to keep clicking on to your site. Again i have had many more hours listening to these good old marches , songs and selections. My role model was Ron Harrison on Sop with the ISB, to hear him coming through, on so many occasions has really done me good. Thanks for all you do, a real Blessing. Dave Harrison Hadleigh Temple, Essex
February 24, 2011

Marianne Tzaut-Berner, Switzerland
My friend gave me your site address this afternoon....and I cannot stop to listen to it.I am an Officer's kid, I have been in the Army all my life and I was in the Courageous Session in London, so long ago! It is so wonderful to be able to sing - with the band accompagnement- all these wonderful songs, inspired by God, and - how wonderful - I seem to recall all the words...without speaking of the marches,with which we played timbrel, in our youth days! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. May God bless you
February 20, 2011

Kevin, Dorset, UK
I must say how wonderful this web site is ,I've been trying to find so many of these wonderful old gems for a long time. As a ex member of the S.A I have many memories playing singing many of these great works..I just reminds me of what I'm missing some days. BRILLIANT please keep good work up I really appreciated it. Thanks
February 20, 2011

Darnall, Sheffield
Thanks to google i came across your great website.there are some lovley tunes on here (I'm loving the joy strings recordings )keep up the good work.
February 13, 2011

Dave, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
An excellent site!  One could spend hours ( as I have...) just listening to portions of old familiar marches and selections, now seemingly hardly ever played.  Many are of the Army's &quot;glory days&quot;, and do not fail to stir the spirit in recollections of a largely bygone era of open air meeting and street marches, large congress meetings and perhaps a happier time for the Army. Thank you for your hard work in developing the site.
February 12, 2011

Howard Sercombe, St Ives, Cambridgeshire UK
This is a great website!  Quality content, and reproduction. Thank you for this dose of audio nostalgia.
January 11, 2011

Alby Stewart, Sunbury, Australia
These 78 Marches bring back very fond memories of when I played Bb with Preston Citadel Band and we marched every Sunday to and from the openair meetings and did many many Festivals with  MSB. Moreland, Box Hill Citadel Bands and play many festival selections  that you have on this web site . God has used this music on many occassions to bring people into his Kingdom and I give thanks to God for what you have done and are doing to share this with as many people as possible and I will do the same as this music was written by men lead by God to do so . I am a member in the Melb Vets Band and we are still playing a lot of this music and I play Eb Bass now. May God continue to bless you in His Ministry. Alby Stewart.
December 30, 2010

Gert Scharf, Berlin, Germany, SA Corps Berlin Southwest
This site is superb 'A Choral Celebration' is wonderful. Leslie Condon´s march 'Celebration' with Festival Choir. Great! Thanks a lot.
December 6, 2010

Bonnie Jean Henderson, Glastonbury, CT
This reminds me of my dad, James Gilchrist Henderson, who played in the New York Staff Band years ago. What a treasure of music!  Thank you for sharing!
December 4, 2010

Alastair Boag, Scotland
Hi Ian, Your work here has touched many, think Booth would have approved Had a listed to the Canadian Staff Band 1983 tour,  Fantastic quality I and some of my friends traveled 200 miles to here them 27 years ago now all I have to do is click onto your web sight. Two pieces that stood out that night for me, Euph Solo Journey into pease and 2nd movement from To The Chief Musician. Thanks Alastair
November 30, 2010

Keijo, Sweden
God is great with gospel and the cross of Jesus with thanksgivng hearts for salvation with healing and for hope with peace and harmony and pouring of the Holy Spirit on us more and moore, thanks and blesss and pray, Keijo Sweden.
November 29, 2010

Alan Gears, Saltash, Cornwall
I have been a member of Soundhouse Brass from Plymouth, Devon for 20+ years. The band started as the Plymouth Mission Band in the late 1920's but what I did not know and what started my investigation was that 4 of the Goffin family played in the band in the late 1920's until the start of the second world war.One of them being the brother of Dean Goffin's father. We regularly play some of Dean's music and have contested on Rhapsody in Brass. The original enquiry came from Bill Goffin who is the great grandson of Harry Goffin's brother. Harry emigrated from Plymouth I believe. I have listened to your playlist and would love a copy of the whole but suppose that I must satisfy myself with as much of the band music that you can possibly manage to send me, particularly that which is not already available on modern recordings. Now that I have found your website I shall visit it regularly. Many thanks for all your efforts. Alan Gears.
November 12, 2010

Lyndsay, New Zealand
Wow Ian, you really have put alot of work into this site. I just happened to come across it &amp; was having a quick browse, then spotted my grandfathers name next to some of the music as conductor - I've since shown taken my laptop over to show him &amp; he just couldn't believe it!! It was a delight to see him so happy to see someone had thought to share these all these years later!  :)
November 11, 2010

Colin Styles, Exeter, Devon, UK
Congratulations on such an excellent site.  I still have some of the recordings you list in your RZ 78 page.  Keep up the good work, there is still so much to inspire in these old recordings.  We were very pleased to have the visit of the International Staff Band at Exeter Temple for the weekend just over a week ago and Army music just gets better and better.  God Bless the Army!!
November 10, 2010

Tom Stewart, Hurstville Corps, N.S.W. Australia
52 years ago On 28 Oct 1958, I was stopped in my tracks by the music of the Rockdale Salvation Army Band.After 14 years in the services, and alone in Australia I had turned to drink.  That night I became a Christian and played in that same band.  I was the drummer for over 40 years and learned to play an instrument.  (Not very well my mates tell me)  But I love S.A. Bands and your website has brought back to me all that I owe to Army music.  God Bless you and may many more enjoy your Musical tributes for a long time to come. I shall tell many of this wonderful feast of music.  Geordie Stewart
November 4, 2010

Kay Beckett, Victoria, British Columiba
HI Ian, thank-you so much for this unbelievable labour of love!!! Wow. I just cannot imagine how much time this took to compile and the ease of use of your website is fantastic. I have spent the last hour laughing sobbing clapping and singing!! thank-you thank-you thank-you!!
October 31, 2010

Ray Coughlan, Coffs Harbour, NSW Australis
Thanks for such a wealth of SA music. Many of the pieces I have not heard for years. It brings back great memories.
October 29, 2010

Grahame Legg, Thrapston, UK
What a fantastic site!  So many 'Army' favourites/classics  - reminding us of great 'memories of the past'.
October 28, 2010

Dave Gordon, Leeds
Just to hear 'Neath Italian skies' again after so many years made the website visit worthwhile.  There's a cracking selection of music hear, much of which I remember playing as  member of North Shields Salvation Army Band in the 1960s. Now I've just got to let my Dad hear this lot now. Booth was right: Why should the Devil have all the best music.
October 21, 2010

Brian McDougall, Clearwater, Florida
I can not stay away from this site. It is such a joy to hear all these band numbers that bring back so many memories. I tell everyone I see at the corps about this site. Your hard work is really being appreciated.
October 19, 2010

Jon, Kentucky, USA
Today would have been my mother's 73rd birthday.  She was a third generation Salvationist.  What a blessing to find your website today, of all days.  Brought back some many memories, of her, of the Army, the heritage.  Thanks for taking the time to put these out there.  I'm now plowing through my mother's LPs that she left for me to find what I have.  I have some, I want more... I am an Anglican now, and I was so excited to find the recording of the 1965 dedication of William Booth memorial at Westminster Abbey.  It is a Salvation Army service with a certain Anglican feel to it.  I was deeply moved. Thanks, again.
October 16, 2010

Douglas Stewart, Gold Coast, Australia
I cannot gather enough words to describe the joy that came as I listened to your wonderful collection of SA music Ian. At age 87 it is a glorious trip down memory lane for me, especially the albums by Brisbane Temple Songsters with whom I was privileged to sing
October 11, 2010

Albert Heinzle, USA
Thanks so much for your hard work in putting this site together for those of us who are not too excited about the kind of brass music being produced nowadays. I'd much rather listen to old recordings that have some sort of definition to the music being played. Lately the music being produced by the top bands in Britain and elsewhere seem more bent on displaying the prowess of the musicians rather than pleasing the ears of those who bother to listen...
October 9, 2010

Bill McLelland, Ballantrae, Ontario, Canada
Ian. Thank you for taking the time to post these wonderful treasures from the past.  As a former Salvationist Bandsman and C.S.B Alumnai they have brought back a flood of memories that will never leave me.  They old saying is so true. 'You can take the boy out of the Army, BUT you can't take the Army out of the boy'.
October 6, 2010

Ian Alderton, England
Great stuff, will definitely pass this site on to fellow players.
October 4, 2010

Melvyn Thomas, Tavistock
I have just had this wonderful resource brought to my attention. So many happy memories. Thank you Ian.
October 1, 2010

Graham Colclough, Stoke on Trent
what a fantastic web site this a ex salvationist and cornet player i will spend many happy hours listening .army music never leaves you. Thank you.
September 26, 2010

Geoff Platt MBE, England
It's been a few years since I visited this site. I must say I found it Absolutely fantastic, it's got even better if that was possible. The quality of the recordings are amazing. I grew up as a child with SA Regal 78's being played constantly, so the music and the words and the inspiration has stayed with me throughout my life. Nothing quite like it. I would love to see a selection devoted to Sessional Songs. I am also still hopeful that one day someone will produce or come up with some recordings of the famous Birmingham Sparkhill Band of the fifties. I don't think we value sufficiently our wonderful SA legacy and history. Say what you will there's nothing like it. My grateful thanks for this wonderful facility. It must have taken some serious hard work and effort.
September 24, 2010

Tom Car, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
BRAVO. What an amazing collection of recordings. I am a 1st generation Salvationist Div Music Director of only 6-1/2 years. I thank God for putting me here and am humbled by His grace. This is of particular interest to one who is continually trying to learn and understand who we are. I love the Army and listening to these puts a bit more soul into the brass banding heritage stories I've read and heard not to mention the practical use as I review scores for potential band selections.
September 22, 2010

Earl Schaffer, Major (R), Barto, Pennsylvania, USA
Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into making this site possible. I am so happy that a friend of mine sent it to me.  I play it everytime I am on the computer. What blessed memories it invokes of our many years as officers.  It is all arranged so beautifully and touches my heart and soul everytime. God bless your work.  Again, THANKS SO MUCH.
September 16, 2010

Jim Bevan, Clearwater, FL, USA
A big THANK YOU Ian for all the hard work.  I have also passed your site to many who have also passed it.
September 13, 2010

Maxine Grant-Kelly, Nashville, TN
Thank you Ian for this wonderful resource. I've been sharing the site every chance I've had. May God continue to bless this special ministry!
September 1, 2010

Pam Thompson, Fores in Morayshire
Thank you very much for all the hours I have spent listening to this music.
August 30, 2010

Jean Garrick, UK
Just been listening to Star Lake and Victors Acclaimed, and what memories these marches have brought back of Abertillery, South Wales. Thank you
August 29, 2010

Nick Pryor, Mirfield
What an amazing site! Having just discovered it, I hope to spend many hours listening to classics and hearing music for the first time. Thank-you and God bless you.
August 26, 2010

Len Williams, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Hello Ian,  Thank you so much for these wonderful inspirational moments. I find so much enjoyment in listening to them.
August 12, 2010

Robert Leith, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Hello just listened to some of your tracks tonight for the first time.......great to see someone 'keeping track' of our music making......... of course I am ex Govan bandsman emigrated from UK in 1970........
August 10, 2010

Heidi Beverstock, Grangetown Salvation Army, Cardiff
As a returning Salvationist I absolutely love this site. My fondest memories are that of my Singing Company days and Joy Webb was an idol of mine. You can get such a blessing from these songs and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this web site.
August 10, 2010

Patricia Owen, Birmingham Citadel
Haven't been on your site for a while but had another look recently and dipped into the Castaways folder.  It is interesting not just seeing what other people choose but their reasons for doing so.  I am trying to make a list of my own choices but is dificult as I cannot limit myself to 8 at the moment.  Also interested to see where everyone is from, not all from countries I associate with the SA. Well done, again and thank you for all the hours of work you must put into this.
August 8, 2010

lasnointer Marbunin, Indonesia
My name is lasnointer marbun. I come from Medan (Indonesia). I play tuba in Eb in here, I want seek a friend in music world. I come from church of corps 2 medan The Salvation Army.
August 7, 2010

Wim Koolstra, The Netherlands
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the trip down memmory lane. I miss the old salvation army music. This for me is the only way The Salvation Army has to sound. its full of sparkel I miss that, now i can sit back and play the music from your site and dream of the old salvation army and enyoy it. Please let this collection live on forever.  Thanks again. Wim Koolstra
August 7, 2010

Keith Pittock, LaSalle, Ontario, Canada
Hi Ian: Thanks so much for showing 'a few' of my favorite selections I plan to take with me as a Castaway. As Neil has suggested I have seen 'The Kingdom Triumphant' on YouTube and recommend it.  It does seem strange that a couple of years ago there was a poll (I believe it was on the Canadian Salvation Army site) for your favorite tunes.  It was a multiple choice of 3 or 4 and 'Divine Communion' came in a long way behind the others, which surprised me. I think Divine Communion does tell us something as Neil suggests. Keep up the great work Ian and may the Lord continue to bless you in this worldwide web of blessing us all. Keith
August 4, 2010

Neil Carter, Oxford UK
Hi Ian. Seeing the request that we do not enter a URL into the Guestbook, you may want to ignore the following post when you moderate my submission. Not only am I so enjoying all the submissions to the Castaway Choices page, I am equally amazed that so many contributors are adding their choices of eight works to take away with them to their Castaway Island. It's also lovely to read of why the choices are being made, and why they are so meaningful as to be THE tracks to be taken in the first place.  What also surprises me is that such special  devotional pieces as 'The Light of the World', 'Songs in Exile', and 'Divine Communion' keep recurring in various lists, there must be a message in there somewhere. What I was wondering is, as 'The KIngdom Triumphant' has been mentioned several times, and has now been included in Keith Pittock's list of tracks, whether you might be able to include a link to the amazing and beautiful video which has been created to accompany Eric Ball's masterwork, and which is available as a YouTube video. Apparently, this amateur video took some sixty hours to create, and it shows. It takes 'The Kingdom Triumphant' to a whole new level of spiritual meaning, and by the finale it is difficult not to have a lump in the throat, or tears in the eye. Thanks once again for all your hard work and time which you are putting into this incredible archive, it is a source of great blessing. Neil Carter, Oxford UK
August 4, 2010

Gary Compton, Tampa, FL
I continue to be blessed and inspired by your site. It brings back many great memories. As to my Castaway Tracks, I would have to include anything with Phil Smith. His live performance at the '78 congress of 'Victorious' is unbelievable. I would also include anything by the ISB in the early 70's: Brass Impact, Sounds Triumphant and Festival Salute. The relationship with EMI in those days yielded some great stuff. Any Canadian Staff Band recordings under RR would also make my list. You need to get Enfield's 'Kaleidoscope' and 'My Strength My Tower' recordings on here!
July 30, 2010

Lars A Lignell, Salem, Oregon
Hi Ian, I haven't visited the site for a while but I have told a lot of bandsmen about it. Glad to see it so nicely arranged. As far as a castaway piece I would have to start with AW Gullidge's Divine Communion, I was 18 ears old at the time and a young senior bandsman in the old Oakland Citadel Band playing the flugelhorn part. Then I would have to go with Bramwell Coles festival piece Dicipleship, Where Duty Calls, Songs In The Morning, In Quiet Pastures, The Light Of The World, Montreal Citadel, and finally Victors Acclaimed. I guess you can tell a persons age almost by what they select. Blessings on you Ian, and keep the music coming. Lars A Lignell, Bandmaster, The SA Salem Kroc Center Band
July 28, 2010

Catherine Olver, Oakengates, Telford
Just a line to thank you for collating this great music.  Having been a Salvationist since 1965 I have seen vast changes but I am delighted to hear some of the old songs with the atmosphere of old recording. This must have taken great committment. Thank you, I have sent a link to friends who I know will love it too.
July 27, 2010

Jeff O'Dell, Rushden, Northants
Wonderful site. Are there any Male Voice items that can be added, such as 'Love Stands The Test' etc?
July 18, 2010

Bruce Jennings, Major, Michigan, USA (Canadian on loan)
This is an awesome site. You are to be commended on the expertise and setup. Much pleasure and spiritual blessings are received from this God inspired music. It takes me back to the times I played some of these pieces and also sang a song or two and took part in the musicales. God bless you for the time you have spent and will continue to spend in this ministry.
July 9, 2010

Corrie Kirby-van Zaalen, Netherlands/England now in Rep. of Ireland
Hello Ian, My daughter, Janet Kirby in Germany, sent me the 'Songs for little children'. I cried my eyes out as so many memories came back. Brought up in the SA in Holland and moved to London in 1957. Was a cadet/officer in the 60s and sang in the Women's Choir conducted by Joy Webb. Thank you ever so much for recording all the SA music. William Booth quote --- Soap, Soup, Salvation
July 6, 2010

Don Hart, Newfoundland, Canada
Can't truly express my appreciation for your site. Just to be able to sit and listen is a source of untold enjoyment. Thank You
July 2, 2010

Maaike de Graaf, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Wow..... what a wonderful site. Beautiful Salvation Army music from over the years. A few records brought back happy childhood memories when my father brig. Arie de Graaf played them over and over again. I could sing a long after a while. Nowadays I am (again) a member of the Salvation Army Band, Amsterdam West Band and we play a few pieces which are at this site as well. Thank you very much for all the effort. What a job! Much appreciated you share this with all of us. Kind regards
June 27, 2010

Minerva, Chile
Hi, My name is Minerva, I from San Felipe of Chile. I am very grateful to your page because my father from 30 years ago, was looking for the tune 'Songs of the Morning' by Eric Ball. He did not know his name or author, only that opened the radio transmission Minería of Chile. This radio, stopped working a long time. Thank you very much and great page.
June 7, 2010

Rob Reardon, Alexandria, VA
Wonderful! Thank you for the time and effort put in for our enjoyment. I'm sure it is a labor of love!
June 9, 2010

Bob Gregg, Long Beach, California
Thank you for this wonderful treasure of TSA heritage.
June 9, 2010

Ian Watson, Blackpool
Ian: Can I join the amazing list of those who have been captured and raptured by your amazingly nostalgic and inspiring site.I was fortunate enough to have played many of the pieces contained in it and still mentally put in the eupho part every time I listen ...which is often! Can I also say how great it is to share in your guest book - I hope you find it a source of encouragement should you ever becoming weary in well doing - what a sound it would be if we all could unite in some fantastic march !
June 9, 2010

Brian McDougall, Tarpon Springs, FL
What a great site. Anyone over the age of fifty and a true Salvation Army bandsman should have this site in their favorites. I have over 500 records and tapes that I am alwys going to put to cd or flash drive. Keep up the good work. I played soprano cornet in the Detroit Citadel/Dearborn Heights and Royal Oak Citadel bands for over 35 years. I am now living in Florida and playing 1st cornet in the Clearwater Citadel Band. Many curent and former bandsman pass thru our corp regularity. What a joy to hear these old numbers that I have played in years past. You are to be congradulated.
June 3, 2010

Cliff Crinks, England
I have recently discovered your Web Site - What a feast of SA music. Having been commissioned a YP Bandsman in 1940 and played in many Brass Bands - including SA Bands - for over 50 years I find your presentation to be just what the doctor ordered. Congratulations on an excellent compilation.
May 23, 2010

Doug Powell, Southsea, UK
My 92-year-old father was brought up a Salvationist in London and has retained a lifelong committed interest.  He is too old for the computer world, but there is nothing he likes better than visiting me on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when I put the headphones on him and &quot;plug&quot; him into your web-site for an hour or so.  Thank you for preparing such a comprehensive collection of music and songs.
May 16, 2010

Maurice Macaire, MPA, U.S.A.
Ian: Great job.This is 'The Salvation Army Music' God bless you. I was missing the 'COLLINGWOOD' march. Now I know where to go  if I want to listen to it. God bless. All the love from Pennsylvania U.S.A.
May 13, 2010

Mark Sainsbery, Melbourne, Australia
Great website - I was an original Australian cast member in 1980 of 'The Blood of The Lamb' and enjoyed a trip back down memory lane when I found it!
May 5, 2010

Hazel Caruana, (nee Chapman), Moselle Valley, Germany
I am just soooooo thrilled to have this web-site. I`m an ex.salvationist and my parents were officers.  I`m out of the Sleaford Corps in Lincolnshire, England and have wonderful memories of Salvation Army music. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful web-site and for the deidcation you have to have created it. It is truly blessing me.
May 3, 2010

Ken Wilson, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada
Wow!!!    what a great site. I just stumbled on this site while searching for something quite unrelated. I never did get back to my search for a while.  Loved to hear this music again. Some of it I played or at least aspired to play it some years ago. I'll be spreading the word.......  thanks for all you effort to put this site together
May 3, 2010

Deryck Robertson, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Just found your web site and I think it's great. Thanks for getting this music back out there for people to listen to.  We have a great and ongoing history of music making in The Salvation Army. Praise to the Lord for the talent He's given so many over the years.
May 2, 2010

Barbara Hurst, London, England
What a Wonderful site. I will always be listening to it. Thanks for all the work that you have put into it. The music brings back so many memories and blessings from the past of the then great Salvetion Army. Will tell all of my family and friends. May the Lord bless you. Barbara Hurst
May 2, 2010

Alan Lawson, Morley, Leeds
I've just found your website (well about 3 hours ago) and I'm just taking a pause in listening. I'm blown away by the skill and dedication that you have put into creating such an impressive piece of work. Well Done. Thank you so much for sharing with us all. I'll pass the link to my fellow Salvationist and also to my 'lapsed' Salvationist friends. You never know, this could be a real evangelism tool if it rekindles some interest. Again, thank you so much.
April 27, 2010

Alan Bellshaw, Edinburgh Gorgie
Just come across this, great to listen to and I have only dipped into this. Some real good old music ....spiritually uplifting.....thank you.
April 26, 2010

George Baxter, Plymouth, England
I'm originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, I started off in the YP Band with Graham Robb (who posted on the guestbook a few entries back), and who sent me the link for this site. Tremendously blessed by listening to these wonderful recordings and recalling the many happy years of SA fellowship as a youngster, then into training college and officership. Some years now since I left the Army (though not the Lord!). These tracks have reminded me of the privilege that was mine, and the debt I owe to those who introduced me to Jesus and nurtured me in the faith. Thanks Ian for your selfless commitment in making this treasure available to us all.
April 25, 2010

Jack Getz, Atlanta, GA
Thanks for this great site! I'm a former officer, long line of SA musicians in my family. It's nice to hear some of this music again.
April 23, 2010

David Roddan, Falkirk, Scotland
Hi Ian: A friend forwarded me the link to your site and I've been listening ever since. Lots of memories and blessings - in particular Sunday night favourites. Keep up the good work and I look forward to many more hours of listening. DavidApril 14, 2010

Stuart Hall, Maidenhead Corps, UK
I was sent a link to this site by a friend, and I took out 5 mins from a busy day to have a look, 75 mins later I just had to get back to doing some work. An excellant site full of historical content. Well done, I'll pop back when I have some more free time!!!
April 14, 2010

Lt Colonel Wes Kinder, Australia
Thank you Ian for adding the International Congress Playlist like all the others this is wonderful music and blesses my soul over and over again. Keep up the good work.
April 7, 2010

Lt. Colonel Al Avery, USA Eastern Territory
What a great idea to put together the 1978 International Congress recordings!  It brought back to me so many unforgetable memories playing flugel horn with the New York Staff Band at the Congress and experiencing the inspiration of such an event.  Keep up the good work Ian! God bless your continuing ministry.
April 7, 2010

Graham Robb, Aberdeen
Like many of you out there I am a SA band geek. My brother put me to the SA after he got converted, I was 3 at the time and joined the YP Band as soon as I could and I've loved every minute in the SA band fellowship. My brother in law who joined the SA when my brother Cha Robb was YP Band Leader (1959 till around 1968) told me a few days ago about this site. We had a great YP Band and had some special weekends with Maj Brindley Boon and others all enticed to the frozen north by Mal Alfie Holmes (ex Staff Band). As Easter has just passed it reminded of Easters gone by and our own band playing King of Kings. I've just listened to it played bt Enfield in 1977. What a presentation of that piece. I think this is a great way to share our SA heritage. Its sad that the up coming generation don't have the enthusiam of our earlier Salvationists. Keep up the good work and good old Army.
April 6, 2010

Adrian Purkiss, Bournemouth Dorset UK
I am not sure how many receive Ian's email newsletters but feel only right to publically thank him for his kind comments in the latest issue. I am only too happy to provide assistance to this very valuable project which I think is fairly unique on the internet. I am still totally amazed at the vast collection collection of 78's and interested to hear the differing styles of famous players of the past (e.g. the unique Bert Twitchen especially in comparison with Harry Dilley in the same year). Also to hear the recordings of the 1934 Territorial Congress is especially interesting, as I have a photo of my family outside the Crystal Palace at that very event. For those interested in Army history, the photo includes Kitty Woodcock (nee Jackson) who was one of the last Salvationist to be imprisoned in this country for preaching the Gospel (in Hastings in 1911). Once again Ian, keep up the good work and as I can, I will keep the submissions flowing.
April 6, 2010

Bill Locke, Jackson, MI, USA
Ian, it has been a great time, listening to these old recordings. I have been playing in SA bands since 10yrs of age. I am now 51 and still playing &amp; singing in the band and songsters. I will definetly pass this sight on to others at the corps.
April 6, 2010

Frank Lucas, Sydney, Australia
There is something addictive about this site of yours, Ian. I'm not getting any work done! Congratulations on an absolutely brilliant idea.

Ken Aris
What a wonderful website, thanks for all the work put in preparing it. May it be used to the glory of our risen Saviour

Colonel Keith Parkinson [R]
Thank you for this wonderful inovation. What a thrill to hear so much of the music and song I grew up with. Well can I remember playing the old Regal Zonophone records both Blue & Red labels on the old wind up record player anxiously awaiting the latest production.

Great site, fantastic work in collecting all the heritage of Salvation Army music. God Bless

Lars Wibrand, Denmark Valby Corps
It is nice to play old marches and favorit song as you sins be like scarlet lars w valby denmark frelsens hær. To god be the glory

Heather Grant (nee Taylor)
My brother forwarded details of this site to me - it is great and brings back so many memories of my days as a bandswoman with my dad as Bandmaster at Leamington Spa, many many years ago. Many thanks and blessings to you.

Love your site. I too have many old LP’s and some 78RPM’s. Friends and people who don’t want to store them any more often call me. Now I can listen to them without going into boxes and for you. (although getting the albums out. I have one 78 of William Booth reciting a sinner’s poem. Just an idea it’s not army music)

Gwyneth Williams, Blackpool
Hi to everyone who has ever had connections with Govan Citadel Corps in Glasgow. I now live near Blackpool and attend the corps at Blackpool Citadel. My brother, Alex Williams is still in Govan but is dangerously ill on life support. Your prayers would be greatly appeciated. God Bless Gwyneth

Les Brennan, Brisbane, Australia
Thanks for the site passed onto me by my cousin Lt Col Wes Kinder (retired). I belong to Centenary Corps in Brisbane. I note your comments re amateur radio I have held the call sign VK4XJ for over 60 Years.

Norm Ritson
Ian I think this web site is a marvellous ministry and you should be commended. The addition of Sunday night favorites is totally enjoyable. This is Salvation Army music at its best. Keep up the good work. Norm

Beryl Pye-Squirrell, New Jersey USA
Thank you sharing these wonderful memories - I am a 3rd generation Salvationist and listened to this wonderful music since birth.......what a heritage we enjoy. We must not lose it. I am currently a soldier in New Jersey, USA. Originally from Ipswich Citadel, UK

Lars Gunnerhed
So lovely to listen to all army musik I have played and listen to since my first banding days at 12 (as a drummer) and then nearly all parts, from cornet to e-base. Now 85 and not playing but listening as often as possible. Moved into a flat and lost all my 78, EP,and LP records, and now I can play them all due to your fantastic effort. Thank you!

Trevor Steventon, High Wycombe, Bucks UK
Ian what a brilliant presentation. Inspite of my age 80 this year I still continue to be involved as YP Bandleader in my Corps, High Wycombe, Bucks, and we are currently playing Montreal Citadel. How great to hear hear this along with all the other music. Thank you for the joy that this will bring to hundreds of people. Thank you again.

Carol Gibson, High Wycombe Bucks UK
Wow! Like the previous ’guest’ I too have been directed here by my other sister. I’ve been listening to Christmas music, made by my officer training session and the ISB so long ago. I have lost my original record, so it was a joy to hear it again. Homepage given is the High Wycombe Corps magazine, of which I am the editor. Keep up the good work and thank you. I look forward to many hours of listening. Carol.

Lt Col Wes Kinder
Dear Ian Thank you so much your site is wonderful, I just love the old music. God bless you Wes

Anette Dreyer, Denmark, Valby Corps
Hello. Thank you for the most wonderfull music. This is a wonderuld idee to put the old record on a side where we can here it. best regards Anette Dreyer Denmark Valby Corps

Neil Carter, Oxford
Congratulations from me as well to Ian, & to Adrian, for such an excellent new interface to the Playlists, it is so Army as to be almost painful. Sometimes we wonder what it is about all this amazing & unique archive of our time and years of God inspired & blessed Salvation Army music, which Ian is both uncovering and making available to us so very easily with his dedication and willingly donated time. For me, maybe this is what it is all about. You see, because of Ian, I have once again discovered a previously unknown and previously unheard, to me, arrangement & recording which encapsulates what the Army, and it’s legacy of music, epitomises. It can be found on the 1974 Brisbane City Temple Band recording, which is the sixth title down on the EP’s & LP’s Index, and the eighth track listed. (Catalog YPRX1048) This is a truly inspirational recording by the Brisbane City Temple Band of the 1970s, playing Bandmaster Len Baxter’s own deeply moving arrangement of Spirit of the Living God. If you are able, listen to the recording via your music centre with the bass well emphasised. The arrangement is inspired, the playing is faultless, the message more than challenging. Spirit of the Living God, Fall afresh on me, Break me, melt me, mould me, fill me. Spirit of the Living God, Fall afresh on me Play the track, and allow the words to flow over your mind and soul, and you will be as blessed as I have been. I am told that the BCT band still play this arrangement to this very day, and I can well understand why. Neil Carter Oxford UK

Alan Dixon
Hi Ian, Never a day passes without my playing some (or as I am told, a lot) of the tracks on this excellent site. They continue to bring back fond memories of the old days when we were less mature!! Your hard work is greatly appreciated by many I am sure and long may you continue to be of service.

Keith Pittock
Ian; Your new player is absolutely beautiful, showing all selections for easy use. Colorful and very effective. Thanks for your work. My brother has the old LP’s & somehow misplaced one. I gave him your address & he found the album right away. Thanks again. Blessings, Keith

Paul Perryman
Thanks for your hard work.Listening at moment to Songs in Exile and have been really blessed by the music. It is not for the Glory of Salvation Army Bands that we play this music but for the Glory of God.

Gert Scharf
Hi Ian, I am German and three decades ago I've been in the army. I belong to a pentecostal church since then. But I love Salvation Army music, especially the brass one. On Your website I have rediscovered all the albums I had in the late Ý70s. Thank You very much for this and many blessings. Gert. P.s. Could You please add the album cover pictures of SPR 37 Where glory dwelleth. That would be very nice

Ian Ross
It has been a few months since I last visited your website Ian, and I must thank you again for the ongoing development of this wonderful catalogue of Salvation Army music. I have spent the last few hours exploring and listening to your recent additions, and once again find that it’s after 2am and I should really get some sleep . . . . but, perhaps just one more track . . .  GOD BLESS!

Lars Lignell, Salem, OR, USA
Man O Man Ian, you have really worked on this website to get all this SA music in place for our listening pleasure I have been listening to it all evening. Thanks & blessings on you.

Heather Whitmore-Smith
My Sister Mrs Major Wendy Young (rtd) put me on to this web site and I am so glad she did. What a wonderful selection Of Army music. Congratulations Ian. It is a wonderful uplift when, the last few week have been difficult. Thank You

Lieut-Colonel Rob Garrad
What a wonderful achievement! I have been made aware of the website only this morning, but I have already enjoyed listening to some of the old ’proper’ Army marches, as well as one or two of the heart songs of the Army. Many, many thanks for all you have given to this project.

Captain Colin Bain
What a wonderful treasury! As a latecomer to The Salvation Army, I missed growing up with the trad music as well as the Joy Strings. What a delight! What a surprise as I stumbled across this!

Terry Camsey
Hi Ian I have so enjoyed this website since I discovered it. As a kid I used to listen to every record of cornet and trumpet players I could get a hold of. I’d play along with them (not aware that in many cases music was available). Whatever they did, I found a way to do by experimenting. Got my first High D by playing a High C and then standing on tip-toe! Not orthodox, but it worked for me until I learned better! The old 78’s of Salvation Army soloists was a treasure trove. Thanks for digging up that treasure again for me.

Sheena Mathieson
I am a christian ex Salvation Army. Thank you for giving me this oppertunity to revisit Jesus Folk.

Andrew Watkinson
Ian, thanks for this website. I receive a blessing every time I listen to the music. May God continue to bless you in this important ministry.

Wil Elhorst
Thank you for all that wonderfull Salvation Army music and songs it brings beautifull memories

Lieut-Colonel David Armistead, Scotland
Many, many thanks for the blessings this has brought me on a cold winter’s night here in the far north of Scotland!

John Watts, Cardiff, UK
Thank you Ian I play something most nights I have all the Joystrings records except for Joystring Abroad which I lent to a friend never had it back so great to play it I used to sing with our group and met Joy Webb and other many time.. I still speak to Bill Davidson(joystring member) he’s a pastor know of a large church living in NY state USA Wish I could down load some of the tracks to play on my ipod in the car EXCELLENT

Ruth Topping
I received a link to your site in an e.mail from a friend this week. Congratulations on building such a treasure trove! I am a life-long Salvationist, now 80, and the child of officer parents. The memories that have been stirred already would fill a book! My prayer is that your dedication will be used to reach many, many people who once enjoyed being part of this dedicated music and that God will use it for Kingdom Glory. Thank you.

Ivan Moore, Belfast Sydenham
Great to hear all this wonderful music again . Thank you for all the work you have done in the past and hope you will be continuing to do in the future .kind regards Ivan Moore Band Sec Belfast Sydenham band

Brigadier Cliff Honeyball
Thank you for reminding me of our heritage through Army music, it has reminded me of my home band and the many other bands I have been privileged to play with. I was a member of the Musical Troopers Band which in 1933 marched 660 miles in 3 months playing and conducting meetings at 69 Corps in the East Anglia Division. Now at nearly 98 years of age I am still trying to make a small contribution on 2nd cornet in the Upper Norwod Band, U.K. thanking God for the privilege of service for Him and The Salvation Army.

Max & Noreen Clanfield
We were thrilled to receive this email .. and hear this wonderful inspiring music! Thank you so much for ’your collection’ of rich God-given music! We recall memories of hearing this music and being part of it at times down through the years. Recalling,in particular,the visit of the International Staff Band to Sydney Australia with B/M. Adams. What memories!

Eric Payton
Greetings from the USA! I love your site, and have just discovered it this week and have already spent hours listening to all my old favorites, My father was out of the Peterborough, Ontario, Canada Corps, and my mother out of Catford Corps in the UK. My grandfather was Major George Broome and he came out of the old Household Troops band to be the Solo Euphonium player in the 1st.ISB. He worked on hdq.,and his office boy was the future poet-General Albert Orsborne. You must have spent hundreds of hours compiling all these recordings and data!! Keep up the good work, and God bless you. Eric Payton

Kai Kjäll-Andersson, Sweden
Hi! Amazing! I was conducting the Swedish stringband on our tour to Australia in 1980. Brings back good memories. I worked for Swedish music Dept för 23 years, but now in charge of our Trade Dept. Time changes......(6) We are in the process of register all old 78Ýs, EPÝs and LPÝs that we have and that have been recorded here. A volontar is working on this now. I will sure look into this sight again!! I see if I find your address and I will send you some music from here. Rgds, Kai

Commissioner Keith Banks
Truly superb. What a gift. Thank you. Many memories stirred, not least those of myself as a young boy, conducting some of these timeless pieces as my father played the records! Time for a prayer of thanks for such a rich heritage. kb

Al Avery
We’ve been enjoying the improvements to your site. It makes for good listening all the time! God bless!

Major Herman Bolhoeve
Thank you, for this blessing music.

Lars Ericson
Thank you! Your site brings me wonderful memories! And happiness! Carry on!

Gary Compton, Canada
I have just discovered this site and I have been listening to it all morning. Those classics from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s were my meat and potatoes growing up in Newfoudland. I was fortunate enough to play in the Candian Staff Band for 5 years and play alongside many of the guys I grew up listening to. Thanks for these wonderful memories and blessings. You’ve made my day!

Ruth Eden
Wonderful memories Thank you for your great work.

Kjell-O.Andersen, Norway
Hi from Norway! Thank you so much for all the lovely music from back then! I`m a salvationist from Norway, and I`m listening to SA brassbands almost daily. And my memories go back to 1974, when I listened to Gowans & Larsson`s musical Hosea. In 1974-75,I was one of the actors when SA`s own school in Norway, performed this musical !! I`m looking forward,to listen to more great SA music! PS! I`m very interested in a Norwegian singing group,Happy Soldiers,,from the 60-70`s. May be you have their cassette/LP ? DS! God bless you.

Messerli Hansruedi
Hallo Musikkollege,ich Danke Dir für Deine super Arbeit.

Keith PittockIan
I must post again. The Melbourne Cast musicals are absolutely beautiful, sound so good with the Bose Music system, feels like I am in concert. Your site is truly a blessing & a labor of love. Keep on spreading the Good News around the world. Bless You. Keith

Chris Kennedy, USA
I came across this site by pure accident. I was looking for some information on a particular SA band piece, and found this in the search results. I inherited some of the LP’s found here from my officer parents when they passed, but the discs are old and worn. Being able to click and listen to great pieces like Treasures From Tchaicovsky, or a male chorus singing Simply Trusting or just tapping my toes to Star Lake or The Red Shield is just wonderful. Thanks for the hard work and devotion to keep this site available for all the nostalgia nuts like me.

Bruce Hobbs
BRILLIANT AND FABULOUS. Lovely to hear my band rom years ago. We at Kettering Cit. are still going strong.

Leslie Young
Just Brilliant. So good to hear the music one played years ago. Les Young.

Keith Pittock
Hi Ian. Congratulations on such a terrific site for band enthusiasts. Even though I have played Euphonium once since leaving the Band 35 years ago, I remember so many selections on this site it really brings back good memories of my younger days

Terry Camsey
Hi Someone forwarded to me the Digital Brass recording of NYSB under Derek Smith. It bought back so many happy memories of times with the band...a refreshing break. I am so glad to have discovered your site.

Jenny Wornham
Thank you Ian. This has given me such a lovely few hours listening to some of the heroes of my younger days. Great playing and great music.

Schmid HP
Thanks a lot for your work! its great! Danke, danke!!! Das ist echt gute Arbeit und hilft und schenkt manchem alten Musikanten viel Freude! Gott segne Sie!

David McLellan
Congratulations Ian on a great site. Certainly brings back memories. I found a recording I did with Norwich Citadel Band and one that my Dad was probably on with Norland Castle Band.

Ann Porter
Wonderful to listen to the bands from years ago and the inspiring music they played in those days. I’m delighted to have discovered your website and thank you so much for reviving this music and allowing us to listen and be encouraged in this way.

Niels Silfverberg
Thanks so much for a wonderful website. A lot of great and genuine SA music. I often miss this music in todays programmes. By the way - It is good for the soul, from time to time, to surf to the site during a busy day a work.

Bryn Sutton, Cardiff, UK
Great Website!!!!! I am old enough to remember a number of these artists and I was privileged to hear Mrs Adjutant Coulter sing in our citadel here in Cardiff Canton in the mid 40’s. I look forward to listening to many more of these tracks. God bless you for reviving so many memories. Bryn

Daniel Rivas Lago, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaIan
Many greacias to share that beautiful music with us, is of much inspiration and blessing, thanks also for all the work that you take yourself in classifying it, God blesses to you again and; Thanks. Daniel Buenos Aires - Argentina

Daniel Rivas Lago, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaIan
Muchas greacias por compartir esa hermosa música con nosotros, es de mucha inspiración y bendición, gracias también por todo el trabajo que te tomas en clasificarlo, Dios te bendiga y otra vez; Gracias. Daniel Buenos Aires - Argentina

Ruben Thorberg
What an impressive work done! Your site is indeed a marwellous one and I do think outstanding when it deals with Salvation Army brass music.

Andy Scott
Hi Ian, I just wanted to say congratulations on your site. Unbelievable!! To hear some of the old recording’s again has been fantastic and also to hear some of the original interpretations of the solo’s has been quite an eye opener. Once again many thanks and I’ll certainly be making others aware of your site. Oh and one last thing Ian .... Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2010. Kind Regards, Andy.

Margaret Garland
Well done. Super site, envokes memories which are so precious. Thank-you.

Brendan J. Rayner, Northampton, UK
Hi I just wanted to say that I stumbled across this website quite by accident, but am I glad I did. There are recordings on here that take me back to my childhood days when I used to go through my Dad’s vinyl Army record collection which he still has to this day and when you listen to a lot of these recordings the playing is superb for the day but still stands up today. My favorite recordings are of the orginal Christmas with The Salvation Army and anything recorded by the I.S.B. under Bernard Adams. I must congratulate you on superb job bringing these vintage recordings back to life; I shall most definately be returning to this website again. With very best wishes. Brendan J. Rayner Northampton, UK

Chris Cloke
What a marvellous site! I have been looking for a recording of Softly The Night is Sleeping for ages, My father had a copy of the Salvation Army playing it and also What a Friend we have in Jesus, which he used to play to us in the 1950’s. So glad someone has taken such time and effort in preserving all these for prosterity.

J Simpson
Impressive work here. I am indebted to yr archivalist tendencies! I never would have heard any of this, without yr work. Conjuring images of dusty antique stores. Eagerly anticipating the sonic discovery.

Lt.-Colonel Bob Chapman
I remember in 1946 entering the Training College in Toronto, Ontario as a member of the Warriors Session. My Dad was an avid listener to Army music, and as a remembrance of his influence upon my life I sent back home to London, Ontario a dozen regal recordings of Army music. Whenever I returned home on furlough, I would put them on the old home gramaphone and play them. Thanks for reviving a lesson in history for me.

Pete Whitehead
Thanks again or this wonderful site.

Brian Hanchett, Norwich, UK
Once again thank you for all these memories.I am now 65 & this music I grew up with In Chelmsford Citadel.Wonderfull to hear the old G Trombone in King of Kings I remember my father Arthur Hanchett playing this I can almost feel his presence When listening. The LP section is great The Festival of Gospel Song LZ4006 I was there partisipating with Chelmsford Songster’s.This was the bigest thing the Army had attempted.The work put in by Norman Beacroft,Dean Goffin,Chas Skinner they were up & down the country rehearsing the variouse brigades for months before the event.What wonderfull years, Thank you Ian Brian Hanchett (Norwich,UK)

Ian G Jones, Melbourne, Australia
Like may of your listeners who grew up in the Army in the 50’s and 60’s, this in nostalgia unlimited! I well remember the joy of looking after Ray Bowes’ electric gramophone whilst he was in the Training College, so our 78’s were given a solid work out on Sunday afternoons. So what pleasure I get now in playing all those old records once again but so far removed from my Upper Norwood days now here in sunny Melbourne. Ian Jones.

Jim Hood, Basel 1, Switzerland
Great stuff. I will share your site with some Salvationists around the world. I am sure that it will bring back a lots of memories and blessings. I was a soldier at Kilbirnie Citadel in Scotland for many years before moving to central Europe, where I now soldier at Basel 1 Switzerland.

Ian Barton, Australia
In response to Neil’s comments about the Norwood Citadel LP I had the pleasure of hearing and seeing the Norwood Band & Songsters perform on many occasions back in the 60’s & 70’s as they were a neighbouring Corps here in South Australia. I knew they were good but it is now only on reflection listening to this recording I truly appreciate just how good they were. Neil is correct in that the selection of tracks on this LP is just about perfect. It is an LP I can thoroughly recommend listening to. I have sourced another copy of the record in the last week or so and am hoping to present a better quality audio as soon as I can get my hands on it. Regards to all, Ian

Neil Carter, Montreal, Canada
I don’t want to take over Ian’s Guest Book, but . . . . . . . . . . Last weekend in response to a gentle enquiry to Ian about being unable to find any recording of Songs in Exile anywhere on his site, having only been able to find this work on a current recording, the latest ISB Supremacy CD, when just like that, and within mere hours, Tottenham Citadel’s LRZ 4003 was uploaded, and I was once again transported back to so many 1960 Sunday Evenings, just down the road from Tottenham Citadel, playing Songs in Exile with Wood Green Band. I thought things could hardly get any better than that, but then this morning, with so many other titles from which to choose, I somehow clicked on another of the Ian’s latest uploads, namely the Adelaide Norwood Citadel LP, #2 on the LP page. Oh my ! ! ! ! ! ! This recording is now apparently fifty, yes fifty years old, and I have to admit, that technically, the years have taken their toll, but this LP has to be a shining gem amidst Ian’s RZ treasury. I just wish I could say thankyou to these fine Salvationist musicians for the blessings they have brought me today. How can one LP programme contain such an amazing selection of Army classics. From Montreal Citadel, surely one of the finest Marches ever composed, plus Colonel Steadman Allen’s typical 1960’s GS march Crown of Conquest, and even more so, to the devotional pieces. The Band playing Love Divine, All Loves Excelling and then three beautiful Songster pieces. The Army Songster arrangement of Psalm 23, Thou Art My Shepherd Indeed, a simple Sunday Evening transcription of Just As I Am, and finally, almost with tears in my eyes, Colonel Brindley Boon’s most moving and thought provoking I Dedicate Myself To Thee. Fifty years old or not, this is an LP I wish I had in my collection. God bless you Ian, I know the work involved here is immense, but the rewards come when your visitors out here re-discover and remember our Army of yesteryear, and God bless those 1950’s musicians and leaders of Norwich Citadel. If ever I should re-dedicate myself, it will be not be from today’s pulpit, but through such music and dedication from the composers and musicians of the Army who have gone before. Neil Carter Oxford UK PS For a recent, & totally unique video of Montreal Citadel, played on the march with the Canadian Staff Band, follow this link

Neil Carter
This is most certainly for me the most blessèd site on the whole Internet, a treasury, a goldmine of sacred memories. So many of the 78s I remember from when I was being brought up as an OK in a very active 1950’s Officer’s household, and so much Army music, in fact probably only Army music, was available to be played on an old single play 78 turntable. Strange how at the time, listening to Roland Cobb playing Love’s Descent didn’t seem as exciting as Minneapolis IV, but how it now brings back so many happy memories. At the time the names of James Williams, Derek Diffey, Derek Smith, and William Fenwick meant little while listening to their cornet solos, duets, and trios, since when I have listened to so much of their work, and been in awe of their dedicated music making abilities. There is far more music here than I can ever listen to now, but while I enjoy so many of the classic Marches, the FS pieces, and the Congress, or Royal Albert hall, or Centenary celebrations - I was there, I was there!! - the music that now means so much is reliving so many devotional songs, and most of all the Sunday Evening Selections. Imagine hearing General Albert Orsborn introducing his own writing of Shepherd Hear My Prayer, and listening again to My Humble Cry, and In The Cross and Sweet Hour of Prayer or Ivy Mawby’s Grant Us Thy Peace, how many times must I have sung that wonderful song? And then there are those Sunday Night Selections. In Quiet Pastures, Divine Communion, Just As I Am, Horbury,By Love Compelled, Light Of The World, Constant Trust, and now, just this weekend, on the newly posted LP LRZ 4003, Eric Ball’s Songs in Exile. There is NO music like the Army’s soul saving music. God bless the Composers, Bands and Songster Brigades whose dedication has brought us so much blessing down through all these years. And God bless Ian Barton for so much hard work, above and beyond anything which could be attributed to a labour of love, for bringing all this music back to us in the twenty first century. Finally, if I were to list the two compositions which bring me personally closest to the Lord, it would be Ray Steadman Allen’s Trombone Solo, The Eternal Quest, played so many times with Ian Hankey and The Wood Green Band, (SLRZ4015 - Ian Hankey with the ISB) and finally, the one song and tune which moves me like no other, General Albert Orsborn’s song, I Know Thee Who Thou Art. (BAB3509S - The Calvary Track - Joyous Proclamation,The Royal Albert Hall), sung at the close of my Corps Cadet lessons, sung at my Wedding, sung at my daughter’s Dedication, sung at my parent’s Funerals, and instructed to be sung at mine, when my time comes. Ian, thankyou is not a big enough word. Neil Carter Oxford UK

Chris Ablett
What a fine set of recordings bring back the old army days where this type of music saved many souls

Ian Malcolm
I have many of the recordings listed still in the vinyl format - alas nothing to play them on now! Many time I have considered the task of converting them to MP3 to make them accessible but don’t have suitable equipment or software to undertake the time-consuming task! Thank you for the considerable effort you have so carefully and comprehensively taken to make such a wonderful archive available to ’Army Music Lovers’ and with it the considerable blessing such treasures bring!

Johann Lüschen
Very, very good site!!!

Herb Presley
This site is excellent! I hope you keep it going and growing! This is the salvation of Salvation Army music. Good job!

Henning Henning, Denmark
Thank for LP Recordings With Tottenham Citadel. A fine LP from Old Day. Best Regards from Henning DK EU.

Craig Wood, Broken Hill, Australia
What a wonderful site! As a bandsman in Broken Hill NSW and avid band history buff the site has been enormously hepful. Of particular interest to me is the work of Arthur Gullidge who was born in Broken Hill. His father, who was involved with the local Salvation Army Corps died working in the mines here and his name is part of the miner’s memorial on the Line of Lode. I enjoyed listening to Gullidge’s Broken Hill’ and the wonderful ’Divine Communion’. Thanks muchly.

John Ritma, The Netherlands
I am very pleased by these site.I love The Old Army Music’.Most of the Army LP’s I already have,but some I found these on your site. Some of the LP’s I have downloaded ,and old 78 recordings too. You have done a nice job.16/10/2009 18:07

Major George Whittingham
What a marvellous collection. I can only go back to my first recording Mp401 1956 onwards with the I.S.B.-Tottenham and Upper Norwood Bands. My friends,Ray Bowes and Roland Cobb can go back to the late 1940’s. GW

Martyn Paisey
Hi so pleased that the LP’S are back, found SA on patrol with the chourus being sung brought back many memories of playing it in Ilford YP band Thanks. Martyn

Martin Royce
What a sensational web-site - Thanks so much. If you or any of your posters can help I’m looking for an index of the Festival Series. Can’t seem to find it on any army web-site.

Sue Murphy
Oh what Joy to find the Ep’s back wonderful!!! so thrilled to see them again thank You

John Probert
On your site I found a tune I have been searching for for 35 years, but even more remarkable I found the actual recording, and the label of the very 78 record I used to listen to on my grandads old radiogram gramophone in the early 70s. Listening to that wonderful brass band on a 64 bit processor PC brought goose bumps . Further browsing discovered another one of these golden oldies I had missed for 15 years having recorded it off 78 onto tape and then lost the tape. I can only say a big thank you. The tunes were; Everlasting Praise by Tottenham Citadel and I know thou art mine - both fantastic John Probert Cardiff S Wales

Sue Murphy
I do hope that that the ep’s and lp’s come back there are quite a few I love to listen to, my absolute favourite is an evening at the citadel in particular the song I’m in his hands sung by Laurence Mallyon, I hope I have spelt that correctly, that song song never fails to move me to tears ( not in a sad way) it’s the sheer beauty of it and the wonderful truth of those words. Hope it returns soon, thank you for this fanastic website

Jackie Ellis
What a joy to listen to these wonderful recordings. Thank you so much for making them available. I collect hymn books and have a particular interest in the music of the Salvation Army. This prompted me to take up the concertina 3 years ago. I found your website from this month’s Concertina World, and hope many other CW readers will listen in to your recordings, and not just 269 and 292.

Brian Hanchett, Norwich, UK
Hi Ian I have in the past sent my thanks to you.Its a shame about the L.Ps & 45s I took great delight in the Festival of Gosel Song,I was part of the chorus with my brother,sister,mum & dad we were from chelmsford citadel songsters & enjoyed the leadership of Norman Bearcroft on that day.We had a good band in chelmsford & the 78s have brought back many memories.It also made me realise how good the men in that band were certainly every principle player could have made the staff band.I am now 65 & these records have taken me back to the glory days of S.A.Bands when I was a lad.THANK YOU; Brian Hanchett (now in Norwich)

Greetings to you and all your readers, the web site has been of enormous value to me as a listener, I was a member of the RMBand for 27 years,and served some time H M yacht Britannia, but my heart lies with my roots as a Salvationist, God Bless

Jim Wilson, Hendon, UK
My words can only reiterate the splendid accolades offered to you, Ian, for this monumental work. I have been selling the site around the world, particulasrly, though, in UK and USA. MANY former Salvationoists have been aroused from their yellow,red and blue slumbers. Who knows where it will end. Jim Wilson - Hendon, London.

Jean Wilson (nee Thain), Hendon, UK
At No16 on the Guestbook lists of comments is one from Graham Thomson, now at Whitburn in Scotland. I wondered, when reading what you have to say, Ian, whether you were a member of my father’s Dundee Central B Band. I was just a youngster when my father, Willie Thain held that position. His deputy, I believe, was Willie Black. I would love to hear from you if that is the case. Jean Wilson (now of Hendon, London)

Patricia Owen, Birmingham Citadel, UK
Just been sent a link to this site - wow! You must have spent many hours setting this up and thank you for your efforts. I am going to send the link on to other SAists and then start delving into the many tracks stored. I will have to ration out my listening time or nothing else will be done during my summer vac! Thanks Patricia - B’ham Cit, UK

Keith Morris
What a PHENOMENAL site you’ve put together! Thank you for all the time and effort. I’m re-living some wonderful moments!!

Lars A Lignell, Salem, OR, USA
I still have some of my old 78’s but they are up in the attic over the garage. I was just given the link to this music today. All I can say is thanks for the memories. I have some of the OLD music and I am guarding it very carefully because of it being out of print. It is pure GOLD. Thanks for the memories

Jimmy Anderson
What a wonderful website. We do not hear much of The Salvation Army music these days. It seems gone are the days of the street corner meetings. was always a great joy.

Ralph Pearce
Thanks for all the work put in to create this site. It is indeed a treasure.

Ted Venables
It’a a pleasure to hear SA music from the past. Much of the old music is not played in favour of the high hard stuff. Too bad!

Ken Palmer
I remember purchasing my first red Reg/ Zono 78 record back in 1948 for 2sh

Sue Murphy
What a wonderful website this is thank you so much It brings back such good memories for me,My brother and one of my sisters are officers(now retired) as a youngster I went to meetings at Greenford and Hanwell corps Both in west london) Eric Ball was often to be found at Hanwell meetings. I have recently reastablished my links with the Army in Staffordshire where I now live,So many wonderful memories of my parents have been brought back through listening to the music, thank you so much for again best regards and may God bless you

Ian Ross
I have discovered your website tonight after following a link from the Facebook group I love Salvation Army Music. After several hours of listening, it is now nearly 2am Oz EST time and I must go to bed, but the joy, and memories, of Sunday afternoons of band music that my late father, Frank Ross, and Wooloongabba Corps Bandmaster, Bram Drury, regularly enjoyed in our home, flooded back into memory. So many of these recordings are all still there in alla their detail in my memory after 50+years, and I shall return often to dip into this treasure trove of recordings. One of my fathers favourites was Eric Ball’s Resurgem on two 78’s that had to be changed rapidly to keep the music flowing! I have yet to find it on your site, so will be back! Thankyou again for making this music available.

Stephen Morris
Many many thanks Ian for a wonderful site of rich and inspiring music. I have told many friends about it, especially those from Northampton Central Corp at a recent reunion. The recordings from the EP’s & LP’s hold many memories for me and the 78’s are incredible. Wishing you many blessings.

Ron Livingston
Thank you for this web site. It is glorious to listen to the greatest music in the world.

Andy Curless
Phenomenal! Thank you so much for putting this together. I’ll be using this site daily. Never thought I’d have access to so many different bands! You’ve captured the quality perfectly.

Bill Groff, Major
This is a tremendous trove of some of the great music from our Salvation Army history. Thanks!

Major Frederick Hagglund
This is wonderful! Thank you so much for this website and access to all those wonderful Regal Zonophone records! I still have a few of the 78’s left!

Elizabeth Braines
Thank you Ian for some great music. I’ve spent far too much time on your website, re-living some beautiful music! I have recommended your site to some friends. Thanks again Liz Braines Albury NSW Australia

Clayton Vaught
Thank-you for all the work in making all of this great music available. I’ve been listening all afternoon and will be back often

Neil Carter
Good Morning Ian, I discovered your amazing archive from a link on the Enfield Citadel Band WebSite, and like so many other contributors have been listening and re-visiting my past with a mixture of joyful & tearful emotions. What an absolute treasure trove you have liberated. Although now a non-Salvationist, my parents were Officers, as were my grandparents before them, and this music forms an indelible nostalgic and blessed memory from my childhood and teen years, initially, believe it or not on a wind up gramophone attached to a very old valve radio. I could detail some dozens of titles which bring back memories, most of which I have played in as well, but leaving favourite Marches to one side, there are three or four devotional pieces which still move me to tears even today. The Light of the World - Songs in Exile - By Love Compelled - & The Eternal Quest, which final composition I consider to be more moving and spiritually helpful than almost any sermon I ever heard delivered. I have been privileged to meet both Eric Ball & Dean Goffin, and have been even more privileged to be able to keep in touch with RS-A, since he conducted my wedding over forty years ago. As has been said so many times, you can take the man out of the Army, but you can never take the Army out of the man. You have proven this to be oh so very true, and I look forward to many happy hours catching up with all those old memories which you have brought flooding back. Thankyou does not even come close to expressing my gratitude. Neil Carter Oxford UK

Merveen McPherson
Thank you Ian. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Nothing like a trip down memory lane to remind one of their age. Sunday lunch always included an Army 78 collection on the radiogram. Because some pieces were on 2 sides of the record we had to plan how they were stacked. Can remember jumping up to turn the record over so that there would not be too much gap in the piece. Have heard some old selections since and still remember the spot where the record needed to be turned.

Malcolm Slight
This certainly brings back some pleasant memories!!!!!

Paul Perryman, Belfast, NI
Have been sitting listening for most of the evening to the Band pieces & also the songsters and being what some might call a Traditional Salvationist it is good to see that the old type of Salvation Army Music is not dead or forgotten.

John Brooks
What an amazing collection of memories. I remember Sunday afternoons in Notting Hill spent listening to many of the 78’s on our wind-up gramophone and the excitement when my Dad brought home our first electric record player! Thank you so much for your work and may God continue to bless and use you through this site. John Brooks New Dundee, Ontario

Jan Allen (McPherson)
Hi Ian, Thanks to our friend Arthur Withers,a Christian gentleman and brilliant cornet player from Box Hill Corps , I have just heard again the music of the Box Hill Singing Company from 1969. I was leader of the group from 1964 ( I was just 16 !)when this record was made. We also did trips to Adelaide and Sydney during that time. Thanks for your great work. Jan Allen Box Hill

Peter Scott
Many Thanks for all your hard work, I am sure the site brings a lots of blessings to many. God Bless You Peter

Geofff and Margaret Kendall, Liverpool, UK
We have just been listening to your superb collection. What a heritage our army has! So sad we do not hear so much of this type of music in our modern day meetings. Greetings to you from us and Norman and Emerald Darbyshire, soldiers of the Liverpool Walton corps UK.

Stephan Ruysink
Thanks so much for your this wonderfull wedsite ... love to here the old 78rpam records .. (i am a proud owner of 100 78 rpm salvation army myself) thanks also for the wonderfull collection of lp records i am from the netherlands 40 yo and my family where founding members of the zutphen corps ... my dad (dolf ruysink )and uncle (ben where principal cornet players from the amsterdam staffband my father from 1960 till 1965 and my uncle from 1972 till 1976. keep up the good work looking for forward to new uploads ;) Stephan Ruysink

John Wood
Thank you very much for all your hard work in setting this site up. It has brought back so many memories of my earlier days as an SA bandsman. I conduct a number of bands and one day I will record My Jesus in tribute to YP Band Leader Reg Allen who taught me so much, not only about music, and to whom I owe a great deal. John

Alan Dixon
Fantastic site. Many thanks for bringing back so many memories of my associations with so many bands

Excellent web-site! Do you update the web-site on a regular basis?

Clifford Perry, Swindon Citadel, UK
During the last week an Officer friend of mine has sent me your website. What a fantastic site!! Many congratulations & heartfelt thanks for all your hard work. Listening to the old S.A. favourites again has brought me much pleasure & blessings as I have recalled happy memorable occasions. I was very priviledged to be a member of the Rosehill Band & hearing again our recordings has been a tremendous thrill. Again very many thanks. May God richly bless you & honour your hard work by extending His Kingdom. Cliff Perry Ret.B/M. Swindon Citadel

Clarrie Batt, Perth, Western Australia
Congratualions Ian. I have just received the link to your site from a friend. I am resident in Perth WA but originally from Brunswick Vic. I have pleasant memories of the Citadel Band pre 1939. A treasured possession is a Regal record of the Conflict and Heaven Bound Throng made by Printing and Publishing conducted by W Gulledge. I am former member of the Brunswick City and RAAF Laverton Bands.

Andre Visser
Thanks for the wonderful recordings of the Salvation Army. I am enjoying it very much. This is a special collection of Regal Zonophones. I have read your message at the Savationarmy3 yahoo groups. My thoughts are going to the victims of the still going on busfires in Victoria. I am from the Netherlands. Have been to Australia during 1982-83 for one year. I have met Jesus in East-Gippsland (Victoria) on the 12th of December 1982. Greetings and Gods abundantly blessings. Andre

Gilbert Ellis
Thank you so much for this tremendous and valuable source of a treasure trove of Army music, much of which would never be heard again without your hard work. Particularly enjoyed the tracks of Hanwell Songster, the brigade I sung in during my teens. How the memories came flooding back. However I had to smile when I read the accompanying description. Sam Hooper never ever played the organ!

Martyn Paisey
What a briliant site. Thankyou for all your time and effort in putting it to gether. MP.

Garry Reed, Barstable, Devon, UK
Thanks so much for this excellent site - and all the hard work you put into providing all those tracks. You have saved a lot of people a lot of work. Garry Reed Barnstaple SA Devon England

Dave Harrison, Hadleigh Temple, UK
Great site please put me in your guest book. Dave Harrison Hadleigh Temple

Goran Lundberg, Stockholm, Sweden
Happy new year to you. Goran / Stockholm South Band

Great to hear

Adam Little
Ian, I’m speechless! Great site! Adam

Ian Barton
Hello Norm, You didn’t leave any contact details so I cannot contact you direct but it would have been wonderful being around Clapton Hall in those times. I used to sing in a Male Voice Party and Songsters so I also very much enjoy the singing of that Clapton Hall Octette (MF233. Even though the record is old and a bit scratchy it is possible to hear the great harmonies coming through. I wonder if they formed just for the recordings or if they were a regular feature at Army Music Festivals at the time?

This is a great site, I grew up at The Congress Hall Clapton and I remember well the events of those days. Listening to the male voice octet is a great pleasure.

I came across this website via programme sounds of brass (England )a few months ago I am still finding little jems that I grew up with long may it contiue . Thank you for reminding me of my early years as a bandsman

Mike Linkin, Philippines
There are times when you see or hear something that you truly KNOW is the inspiration of God. This web site is without doubt such a place. Although I ceased being an active Salvationist many years ago I have always considered myself ’Army’. This site has really inspired me and blessed me more than words can say. God Bless You Ian and may His hand guide your future endeviours. I have always tried to live by the question If you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you Ian Barton you are convicted and sentenced to serve your time at God’s right hand.

Jack Spowart
Great Site. Brings back memories of my old 78’s in the 50/60’s. These bands and soloists were my inspiration in these days. Amazing to hear my ’heroes’ Bert Samuels (ISB) on the G trombone again and also Denis Smith euphonium (Rosehill). Thanks for all your hard work. God Bless.

Malcolm Savage
I have just been recommended to view your site, and when looking at non RZ 78’s I thought I was seeing double! Immediately to the left of my monitor, hanging on the wall is a copy of the identical Cairo Red Shield Band. I had thought it was taken a bit earlier than statad, as I thought by then my Father had been posted back to the UK. He played cornet in the band and is 4th from the left on the back row. He was Sgt Horace Savage of KOYLI (seconded to REME) and was an armourer.

Ken Moyler
Wow! What a great site. Many thanks for this. And the sounds are just about perfect! Thanks again.

OleGeir Pedersen, Skein, Norway
Thanks for all the work that with this website and the music. I have enjoyed myself to surf in the website, and very interesting to listen to the music from the old 78’s Best regards Ole Geir Pedersen Speidermusikken in Skien Norway (The Methodist Church)

Erzberger Willi, Zurich, Switzerland
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy to surf in your excellent website. Thank you very much for this graet work and effort you have put in this project. Best regards Willi Erzberger  Zurich Central Hall Band

Peter Scott
Thank you for all your hard work. I will have hours of reliving my childhood, with the 78’s on the gramphone. God Bless you

Keith Bates
Thanks for this great site and all the work that has been put into it. I was very pleased to see a recording of the Hallelujah Chorus by the Cairo Red Shield band where the band introduce themselves on the reverse side of the record. My father Ernest Bates (Portsmouth Citadel) played top trombone in the band at the time and introduces himself on the recording. What a great surprise for me to hear him via the internet after all these years and his promotion to glory ten years ago. I also noticed a former bandsmen (Ray Clarke) of my corp (Reading Central) in the photograph of the Red Shield Band playing baritone. Once again many thanks for this important and valuable work with these recordings.

George Harrison
Many thanks for providing so many selections of fine brass band performances some of which are compositions by the memorable Eric Ball who truly was gifted by God.
11/09/2008 18:52

Eric Nelson
Thank you for being able to listen once again to such great recordings of the past Army Bands and Songsters,also the individuals who took part in much of the music that was played. It has brought back many happy memories of my first contact with the Army many years ago in England, the joy and happiness of it all, especially in the Sunday afternoon Praise Meetings. May God richly bless in this special ministry. Eric Nelson

Margaret Garland
Thank-you for a wonderful site, reviving old memories of days gone by. Amazing to hear General Coutts who was our training principal at the ITC in 1955/56. His message about William Booth is an inspiration, and I needed to hear faith declared in such a direct way again. I am an ex-Salvationist, but I have never lost my love for the Salvation Army. God bless you in your work for Him.

Nkosentsha Donga
Thank you ever so much its one of my greatest discoveries this site its really great.

Fantastic effort - many thanks for your hours of hard work!

Nick King, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Ian, this site is a real treasure. I am not an ’old time Salvationist’ but I am a life long Salvationist and I remember most of these recordings from my late fathers collection. This site will be a blessing to thousands I’m sure. God bless you Ian and thank you so much for the tremendous effort that you have quite obviously put into this venture. I am going to make lot’s of people aware of the site. Nick king Belfast Temple.

Dave Smith
Ian The time and effort you have put into this site, I am sure will bring great joy and comfort to a lot of people around the world.I found your site thanks to an article by Phillip Hunt in our local paper.Much of the music contained here I remember playing in my younger days in Cornwall. Dave

John P Prosser
Finding your site brought back memories from my childhood,although not connected with the salvation army I was given a collection of regal records.Being an up and coming young cornetist in my local band in South Wales it gave me inspiration to further my career in brass bands. Now almost fifty years later and currently playing with the Cory band it was most poingnant that we recorded a solo album with young Phillip Cob whose grandfather I believe is featured as a soloist on one of these recordings.Thankyou for your hard work in producing this site.

John Corry
Thank you for a wonderful web-site. I have whiled away many hours enjoying so many of the lost treasures of Army Music which I thought I would never experience again. I was particularly blessed to listen again to The Call by Erik Leidzen this was a favourite in my childhood. God Bless You

Harry Williams
Many many thanks for a superb site. These elderly recordings brought both pleasure and blessing. I note that you are into Ham Radio You will find my ugly mug on QRZ.Com (G4MOP). Thanks again and God Bless you for your efforts.

Brian Bowen
This is a magnificent achievement by Ian Barton. Many of the 78s brought on nostalgia. It’s fascinating to hear the differences in playing and singing styles over a long period. When I suggested to Philip Smith he should play I love Him better every day on the Principals CD with the NYSB in 1988, it was because until then I couldn’t think of the solo without hearing Bert Twitchen’s highly idiosyncratic recording in my mind. Thanks for the reminder once again!

Allan Wright
Thanks so much for you time and effort it has brought me a lot of joy to go back and hear those great pieces that I use to play.

Olive Sant, Adelaide Congress Hall
Ian, I heard about your web site from a Salvationist friend in Canada, then I discover you only live a few Ks from me. Would Ron Barton, be your brother, by any chance? I am thrilled with the site and actually heard the voice of an old family friend who gave his name and corps when a member of the Cairo Red Shield Band in WW2. His name is Harold Phillips from Brighton Congress Hall. He is well into his 90s now and I believe that he is still alive. Olive Sant Adelaide Congress Hall.

Goran Lundberg, Stockholm, Sweden
Hello, a very nice home side. Goran / Stockholm South Band

Ron Travers
Hi Just been told about your website from a good friend in England. Your website is great. Ron

Dudley Bright
Great to see your website although I have the equipment and many of the discs many of them are in rubbish condition. You might like to know that the recording of Eric Leidzen’s Concertino played by Maisie Ringham and the ISB was conducted by the composer. The sessions had originally been planned for ’The Eternal Quest’ by as Leidzen was in England it was changed to the Concertino and he conducted! Don’t be upset about the error SP&S got it wrong on their Heritage series reissue SP&S 131CD.(made from the master tapes as most were recorded on tape from about 1951) I was interested in the EP’s as I haven’t got any of these. Of course most of them are reissues from 78 or LP but noticed the track of Tottenham band playing ’Emblem of the Army’ It actually is just a mistake and should be ’Unconquered’ as shown on the sleeve scan. Lots more thoughts to come. Great to make these available God Bless Dudley

Ian as an ex bandsman of 61yrs of age I am not ashamed to say that your site has brought a lump in my throught. Listening to the old tunes has brought back very fond memeries. Thanks for a wonderful site.

Pete Whitehead
I accidently stumbled on your site while doing a Google search for other info. It amazes me that you have done this. I never thought I would ever be able to listen to my old 78s again, which have been gathering dust in storage for more than 40 years! I got my first SA Regal 78s in 1958 after my family had moved from Blackpool UK to Winnipeg, Canada in 1957. I think all the ones I have are on your site. It is bringing back many memories. It would not supprise me if God lead you to do this website.

Mike Dickens, Stockholm, Sweden
Thank you for such hard work --it is so good to go through many of these recordings and picture the memories. Greetings from Soderkaren Band in Stockholm, Sweden

Many thanks Ian, my word you have worked hard and the results have taken me right back to my early Army days when words and music meant so much,God Bless Bern.

Richard Marchant
Ian thank you for featuring my ciaro red shield band record, the artical and how the new photo from fred price. it realy did get a lot of response from all over the world. once again thank you. god bless richard.

Tom Christensen
What a wonderfull site 

Trevor Theobald
Ian, this is a truly inspirational website. It transports me back to my days as a youth in the Salvation Army (days not necessarily appreciated at the time!). However the passage of time has made me appreciate the important things in life and listening to some of these will undoubtedly reinforce what they are. It must have taken you a long time to have put these onto the site but thank you for doing that and making it so enjoyable for the rest of us. There are many hours listening ahead for me! God bless you and God bless our Army!

Michael Savage
Great Site. I grew up listening to many of these. Thanks for the tremendous job in compiling the site.

Ray Williams
What a great site! I have really enjoyed listening to some of the music I played as a young S.A. bandsman. Thank you for all your hard work in preparing such wonderful musical memories. Best Wishes.

Graham Thompson, Whitburn, Scotland
Hi, having lost my mother recently I was looking for some recordings of the music she used to play as a cornet soloist in various bands during our lives together. Mum was an excellent soloist and played many pieces which back in the day were considered too difficult for women, when the men dominated brass bands and Salvation army bands in particular. Hearing such solos as tucker, Maoriland, Silver threads and many more has kept me busy all afternoon and has on occasion brought a tear to my eye. I myself used to play cornet Bb and progressed to Soprano cornet with Dundee SA Band (Scottish Division). Listening to many of the other band pices has relived my past youth and brought a feeling of warmth and joy to me today. For this and all your hard work in compiling your website I am extremely grateful. On behalf of my mother, Major Kathleen Joyce Thompson (nee Cavanagh) and bmy father, brothers and sister our wholehearted thanks. All the very best to you and yours Graham Thompson (Whitburn, Scotland, UK) Please feel free to contact me.

Ivan Moore
Thank you for your time and effort in preparing this site. I have been listening to the wonderful inspiring music from the past all morning. I will pass the word aroudn fellow bandsmen. A site not to the missed by SA musicians or those who just appreciate great music. Ivan Moore Newtownards Co Down NI

Philip Pentland, Belfast, NI
This is a real discovery - thank you for all the obvious hard work in putting it together. It’s such a great resource to enable those of us who grew up during some this history making period to reflect back with fondness.

Kathie Sharp
Hi Ian; Thanks for reminding us of days gone by. My husband and I are blessed to have a band at our Corps, and there is the odd time when we pull out a march for those of us who remember. Keep up the good work. Blessings.

Again I must thank you for this site. I love Salvation Army music and I feel like a newborn. I remember when Tottenham citadel band visited Sweden in the beginning of 1960. I have still got the visiting-card which I received from the bandmaster James Williams when he was a guest in my parents home. Blessing

June Perry
I am a 5th generation Salvationist living in Victoria, BC Canada. My grandfather and great grandfather were bandmasters. If they were living today they would love your site. I am just finishing a book called The Victoria Citadel Salvation Army - Marching On. Thanks for all your effort. June

Thank you so much. I was lost in wonder as I listen to the Army Music of Yester year Nothing will ever replace Army music as we hear on this site. If in my power I would give you the Order of The Founder for making this available. God Bless.

William Sprokkereef
Hi Ian, The site keeps getting better!!! Great! William

Kev Sinclair, Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
It has been such a joy to hear the old salvation army music, it brings back such wonderful memories. It has given me hours of musical pleasure and blessing, and i thank you for it. This is our history and stands witness that it truly once was William Booths mission to preach to the unconverted. Army of salvation Army of the lord god bless you kev sinclair Newton Abbot England

Brian Hanchett
Thank you for all the woderfull memories that your site has given me.All the old wonderfull 78’s brought back wonderfull memories of my dear dad who played the G trombone in Chelmsford Citadel Band It is a very distingtive sound & in some cases(only some)has a better result than its modern day Trigger Troms. I have also enjoyed the 1963 Festival of Gospel Song I was part of this 1000 strong choir with my father,mother brother & sister plus another 995 salvationist.Norman Bearcroft was a perfectionist who had rehearsed every songster brigade at their own citadel’s prior to the all day rehearsal at the Albert Hall Where the SA Fanfare Trumpets were used for the first time. Everything went of perfect & we were all very proud of the army Brian Hanchett (England)

Henning, Denmark
Hello I lisning to LP mono with Tottenham Citadel. Last number of LP not Unconquered ? Best Rgards from Henning in DK.

I thank God for i found this music from heaven. God bless all of you.

Norman H Voisey
Hi Ian; I am a retired officer with 16 years experience with the New York Staff Band having played under 5 bandmasters, Holz, Post, Smith, Bowen & Waiksnoris. Over the years it seemed everyone wanted to give me their old 78s and of course, pack rat that I am, I always took them, not worrying whether I had dupicates or not. I just listened to Herbert Twitchen play I love him better every day which I had heard from the record previously. To be able to come to your site is fantastic. If there are any 78s that you are missing and would like, I could always look to see if I have it. I always felt that our THQ music Department should establish a recording museum to preserve our old recordings but could never persuade them to do so. But you have created it on line which is even better. Congratulations!

John Smillie, Hamilton, Scotland
Strange how an Army upbring never leaves you! my wife heard me playing one of the old marches, and her arms involuntary went through a timbral rutine, and thats after 25years! Thanks for keeping our heritage alive. John Smillie (Hamilton Scotland)

Steef Klepke
Hi Ian, I’m still very impressed by your excellent website!! Keep on going!! Blessings! Steef

Ian Barton
Hello to all of you who enjoy the old blue Regal Zonophone Salvation Army records as much as I do. Over the years I have received some wonderful comments so I have added this guestbook so you can share your comments with other listeners as well. Please contribute and continue to enjoy the music. Regards Ian

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