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This Facebook site has a collection of Salvation Army videos collected from many and various sources.

On the website you will find compositions, transcriptions and arrangements listed in the Catalogue section. Within this section works are listed and classified as ‘music for brass, music for wind band’ etc. Overall the music catalogue represents a broad spectrum of musical expression and levels of skill required to perform them and embraces varying musical forms. Accompanying each title you will find the prices and the timings. Each initial score comes with a full set of instrumental parts and most scores can be ordered in either landscape or portrait. Additional scores without instrumental parts are also available on request. All of my music is available directly from John Meredith Music.

So, happy browsing! I hope that you can find music that interests you and meets the needs of both your music group and your listeners. If you have anything you wish to ask please contact me by telephone, email, via the website or write to me and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

SA Bandsman, The Salvation Army's only official international banding magazine, is a monthly, high-quality 16-page publication. It covers a broad range of topics relating to the Salvation Army banding world, including latest news, reviews of recent events, historical articles, composer profiles, interviews with leading personalities, memoirs of past events and much, much more.

Launching at ISB120 in June 2011, during the last year, SA Bandsman has featured interviews with a number of well-known brass personalities such as Ray Steadman-Allen, Bill Broughton, Philip Cobb, Derick Kane, Chris Jaudes, Olaf Ritman and Jonathan Corry, and reported on banding in countries as far afield as Australia, Denmark, Japan, Kenya, The Netherlands, Sweden, the USA and Zambia, as well as of course the United Kingdom.

You can subscribe for just £16 a year. To subscribe please call 01933 445474 or visit www.britishbandsman.com

HARLEQUIN RECORDING is a leading digital audio recording & post-production company, formed in 1979. Situated in central England, HARLEQUIN RECORDING provides digital location recording, editing & mastering facilities for commercial CD production, throughout the U.K. and Europe, specialising in all forms of classical music recording, including brass band, wind band and choral etc.

This is a Channel primarily dedicated to Salvation Army Brass Bands and Songsters, showing performances in a variety of situations. The Channel creator has a great resource of videos that will continue to be added from time to time. Of special interest will be the lovely assortment of Christmas Videos. The aim is to bring enjoyment & blessing.

Tom Quick's Salvation Army Radio Broadcasting

Phillip Hunt - Sounds of Brass
Phillip has been presenting BBC Radio Devon's popular Sounds Of Brass show for many years. Catch him on Sunday evenings at 7pm for a weekly foray into the local brass band scene. He first introduced 'Sounds of Brass' to the airwaves on 5th September 1985 and hasn't looked back since. Click on the link for further details about his show.

Ted Sparks is a Brasswind Musical Instrument Technician based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Before developing the Sparx Cornet Mouthpiece, Ted played in the "Canadian Staff Band" for fourteen years. After an eleven year stint on the solo cornet bench, he spent his final three years as the band's soprano cornetist. Today Ted performs with Toronto's Hannaford Street Silver Band and a wide variety of ensembles as a trumpet player and cornetist. Ted's knowledge of Brass Instruments and interest in Brass Bands has been the driving force behind this joint project.

Unlike most popular brass ensembles in the United States our British Brass Band is a unique ensemble, with a very specific instrumentation, utilizing cornets, not trumpets and alto horns not French horns. The rich, dark, and mellow tone quality you hear stems from the fact that all the instruments, except the trombones, are conical bore in design, therefore permitting the brass band to produce a most unique and different sound.
Originating in Britain, it is naturally quite popular in the commonwealth countries and has become very popular throughout Europe and the rest of the world. For many years the movement was kept alive in the United States largely by the Salvation Army’s influence.

Veil Ministries provides an interdenominational monthly service in the first week of each month.
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The Salvation Army Museum Basel is a private museum about the Salvation Army. It was opened in 1993 and originated from the private collection of Caroline Faessler-Burkhardt.
Originally, only one room was allocated for the display but in the meantime it has grown in such a way that it is impossible to show everything in just one room.