A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Selected Playlists

Howard Davies Music and Songs of Howard Davies
Albert Orsborn Songs that Albert Orsborn has written
Christmas Selection (update Dec. 2013) Christmas brass & vocal playlist selections
Gowans Larsson A selection of music from musicals by Gowans & Larsson
Devotional Music Devotional Music recordings as suggested by Lt. Col. Peter Roed, Canada
Sunday Nights Remember some of those Sunday Night selections the Band & Songsters used to perform?
International Congress Set of 6 LPs recorded during the 1978 Salvation Army International Congress in London
Eric Ball Music that Eric Ball has composed, arranged and/or conducted
Ray Steadman-Allen Music that Ray Steadman-Allen has composed, arranged and/or conducted
EP & LPs - Marches Marches selected from various Salvation Army EP & LP records
Goffin Dynasty Music from all of the Goffins
78s - Marches Marches selected from Blue Regal Zonophone 78s
Erik Silfverberg Music and Songs of Erik Silfverberg