A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Latest 30

PlayDate AddedArtistTitleYearCatalogue
28/11/18 Pendel Brass & Singers Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs 1995 PBS6
28/11/18 Southport Citadel Band & Wrexham Citadel Songsters Hymns & Songs with the Salvation Army 1999 WMD009
27/11/18 Melbourne Staff Songsters In God's Hand 1999 MSS3
26/11/18 Brisbane City Temple Band 22 Favourite Hymns 1997 500642
24/11/18 The Greater New York Youth Band Classic Melodies From Around the World 2002 WRA82084
21/07/18 Wealdstone Band In the King's Service   WB001
19/07/18 Enfield Citadel Band Enfield in London, Canada 1986 ECB002
10/07/18 Seacombe Gardens Salvation Army Band Bruce McDonald - Private Recording 1994 BMCD001
7/07/18 New Direction & God's Army Boundless Salvation 1990 ND001
22/06/18 Gisborne Corps Music Sections Christmas Praise - An Eastland Celebration 1987 MW8707
21/06/18 Len Ballantine My Song of Songs 1989 LB001
21/06/18 St. John's Temple Band 73 Years of Grace 1997 SJTB
20/04/18 Brisbane City Temple Band The Gospel Story 1993 BTCD193
12/03/18 Ingle Farm Salvation Army Youth Band Ingle Farm Salvation Army Youth Band - Northern Territory Tour 1991 IFYB001
26/02/18 New York Staff Band & Male Chorus Under Three Flags - Tour of Great Britain 1992 TRCD1050
24/02/18 Newfoundland East Division Youth Band Give to Jesus Glory   NEDYB001
6/02/18 St. John's Temple Band Contrast in Worship 1995 WRC46887
6/02/18 Canadian Staff Band & Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters 1993 Spring Festival 1993 SFC0493
6/02/18 Canadian Staff Band & Amsterdam Staff Band 1992 Spring Festival 1992 SFC0492
27/01/18 St. Johns Citadel Band Reflections in Worship 1998 SJCB
27/01/18 Corner Brook Temple Band Sacred Hymns   CBT
10/01/18 Brian Davies 50 Years in the Life of a Cornet with Brian Davies 2011 WBD
9/01/18 Spiritual to the Bone Christmas Time 1995 CRC031
9/01/18 Not known Praise Him with Music 1994 SPS102
8/01/18 Hendon Band The Inheritors 1992 BHSS0289
7/01/18 Various Salvation Army Musicians Bandmasters' Councils Festival 1988 SPS064
21/11/17 Cadets of Melbourne Training College Praise Him 1990 DEX6259
21/11/17 Various Salvation Army Musicians Intercom Tape Ministry
10th Anniversary Christmas Special
1991 ITM010
20/11/17 Various Salvation Army Musicians A Celebration of Perfect Love
Captain Albert Honsberger Memorial Recording
30/10/17 Various Canadian Salvation Army Musicians In Search of the Kingdom - Festival of Gospel Song 1985 FGS1185