A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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Imagine you are about to be cast on to an island for an indeterminate time and you are able to take 8 Salvation Army musical tracks with you with some method to play them.
Which tracks would you elect to take and why?
This is an idea based loosely upon part of the BBC successful radio show titled Desert Island Discs.
If you would like to share your thoughts with others please Contact Me to arrange to send me your list and the reasons you chose them and I will add you to the "Castaways" list.
If one of your tracks is on my website PLEASE try and provide the catalogue number (eg) LRZ4001, BAB3515 etc to help me locate the correct track for you.
Thank you to Neil Carter for suggesting this novel way of sharing Salvation Army music experiences. Neil's contribution is the first of hopefully many to follow.

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Castaways Index

Neil Carter England
Steef Klepke Holland
Don Haines Australia
Lars Lignell USA
Ed Barnett United Kingdom
Alwyn Green England
Daniel Rivas Argentina
Dr Michael Hall Afghanistan
Ian Barton Australia
Martyn Paisey United Kingdom
Bernard Beare New Zealand
Marcelo Mariani Argentina
Geoff Ingram England
Keith Pittock Canada
Dr Gary Compton USA
David Roddan United Kingdom
Bob Middleton Canada
Graham Robb Scotland
Deryck Robertson Canada
Andrew Watkinson Canada
Morvyn Finch United Kingdom
Ted Venables Canada
Sue Murphy England
Derek Lucas United Kingdom
Willi Erzberger Switzerland
Marilyn Mullinix Blanck near Los Angeles California USA
Mark Freeh USA
Adrian Purkiss United Kingdom
Jack Getz USA
Herman Haverkate Holland
Roger McBride A New Zealander in South Korea
Garry Hughes Australia
Vernon J. Ronald Canada
Stephan Ruysink Holland
Ted Brooks United Kingdom
Hugh Saunders United Kingdom
Daniel Fernandez Campo Argentina
John Ward England
Roy Harris England
Edwin Outhuijse Holland
Simon Jennings United Kingdom
Jeroen Vethaak Holland