The Trumpet of the Lord London Singers with Salvation Army Brass Ensemble


Conductor Year Catalogue
Ray Steadman-Allen 1970 SRS5030

London Singers with Salvation Army Brass Ensemble

The London Singers consisted of a group of Salvationists from Ilford Corps organised by Keith Prynn. Whilst the brass ensemble was Salvationists from several London Corps. Musical director Ray Steadman-Allen arranged seven of the 12 well known gospel songs on this recording. Other arrangers include Ralston, Bowen and Bowes. The LP was produced by Walter J. Ridely.

The names of the singers and the brass group were not named on the LP. However, to the best of our knowledge the singers were: Denise Deering, Sheila Prynn, Liz Forsyth, Miriam Hendy, Enid Weaver, Doreen Rutt, Evelyn Hughes, Margaret Saunders, Elise McDougall, Susan Turner, G Burton, J Hodgson, Alan Hodder, Ken Williamson, Norman Cuell, Ron Banks, E Edwards, Robert Redhead, Dave Cooper.

The brass ensemble is listed on the LP as: 4 trumpets, Flugel, 2 horns, 5 trombones, tuba, piano, organ, accordion, vibes, and rhythm. There are no name and again to the best of our knowledge the players names are: Chris White, Ray Allen, Max Weaver, Tommy Lynch, Peter Wise, Gordon Hill, Joe Stott, Des Vinall, Ray Northcott, K Portnoi, Gordon Hughes, Peter Ayling, Chris Cole.

If any other these names are incorrect or you have additional information please get in touch.


StarLine was a label associated with Capitol Records/EMI. The trademark was also used as a series on LPs released by REGAL/EMI

Additional Info

For the most part, the popular music output at EMI during the 1950s and 1960s depended on four men: Norrie Paramor and Norman Newell (Columbia), George Martin (Parlophone) and Walter Ridley (HMV) the producer of this LP. The individual output of each of these four producers was prodigious and, taken together, they defined popular music in the UK.

Ridley's many successes included "Dreamboat" (Alma Cogan), "No Other Love" (Ronnie Hilton), "My Special Angel" (Malcolm Vaughan), "Shakin' All Over" (Johnny Kidd and the Pirates) and "Hippy Hippy Shake" (Swinging Blue Jeans). He also produced big-selling albums by The Black and White Minstrel Show (which was not considered controversial until the mid-Sixties).

The tracks on this album were all recorded in one evening session. Following the success of ‘The Trumpet of The Lord’ two years later Ridley produced another LP featuring the London Singers with a brass ensemble called ‘Sound The Battle-Cry’.


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