A Tribute to Salvation Army Musicians, Music and Composers

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*Music in Celebration
Melbourne Congress
Melbourne Concert Hall

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(*) Recording provided to me by Major Joseph Wilcox of Australia
Track TitleArtistConductorComposer
The Redcliffe March United bands   Garry Hollis
We Shall Win Congress Chorus Noel Jones Ivor Bosanko
O Disclose Thy Lovely Face Congress Chorus Noel Jones Svea Tyndal arr. Sven Benzein
Suite - To the Chief Musician Melbourne Staff Band   William Himes
Thank You Lord Camberwell 'Harmony' Robyn Cook Pamela Clanfield
Green Hill Camberwell 'Harmony' Robyn Cook Len Ballantine
Nothing but Thy Blood Camberwell 'Harmony' Robyn Cook Larry Dalton
When Jesus Comes to You Ringwood YP Band Noel Jones Noel Jones
All the World is Waiting Congress Chorus   Howard Davies
We Shall Conquer Congress Chorus   Noel Jones
Xylophone Solo - A Victor's Palm Soloist - Michael Agnew   James Curnow
Double Quartette - Never Give Up Melbourne Staff Band   Eric Ball
Vocal Solo - Lamb of God Soloist - Merryn Young   Kevin Norbury
Vocal Solo - The Gates of the Morning Soloist - Merryn Young   P. Catelinet
Timbrel Display - Canadian Folk Song Suite 1st & 3rd Movements Moone Ponds Timbrel Brigade Mrs. Susan Franks M. Calvert
Suite - Our Great God Box Hill Band Robert Beasy Ivor Bosanko
People of Power Congress Chorus   Ivor Bosanko